The day my bosses tried to kill me…

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A few months ago my bosses decided that we should as a company do a 5K run/walk.  The idea got tossed around for weeks, and finally they settled on the  Old Courthouse 5K sponsored by the Fayette County Civitans.  It was a benefit run with proceeds from the race going right into community organizations, which include the Joseph Sams School, ExceptionalOPS, Fayette County Special Olympics, Southwest Christian Care.   I have a friend whose son will be attending the Joseph Sams School this fall, and I was pleased to see some of the proceeds going there.  It’s an awesome school for children with autism, and other special educational needs.   

I have been running/walking now for about a month mainly as a way to start losing all this extra weight I’ve put on in the last 11 year since I had my oldest daughter.   We arrive at 7:30 and meet all the members of our team – total of 21 people (including 2 little ones in strollers, and 4 other kids).   I look around and discover I am totally out of my league, these people are hard core runners!

The course took us around the Justice Center parking lot, around the back way and through a neighborhood and then back through the parking lot.  Tim & I walked together, and it was great! Just after the 1K marker, we started being passed by people who were finishing.  We got a good laugh out of being “the tail end” of the race, but really did enjoy it! Matt S (my boss) finished the race, then came back to walk/run the last little bit with Tim & I.  Tim ended up pushing Natalee the last little ways (about the time we started running).   We ran the last 1/8 of a mile (maybe a little more..LOL).   Overall it was a great time!  I will say we ran the last part to pass 2 girls because we didn’t want to be dead last!

Jonathan ended up walking with Ms. Charlsie (our accountant) and they finished about 8 minutes before me.  By the time I got there he was munching on muffins and drinking a cup of gatorade!   Katie walked with Tim and I most of the way, but ended up running the last 1/4 mile or so and finished before us.   I won’t tell you our time, but we finished in under an hour, and we finished – that’s ALL that matters!  I can now say I’ve done a 5K, and my time will only improve!

Go Team 4Ever! 









Team 4Ever Products!  Chad (project manager), Heather (sales) , Sarah (wife of Thomas), Josh (husband of Heather), Reinhardt (project manager), Natalie (girlfriend of Reinhardt), Matt (President of 4ever), me (Sales), Jessica (Mark’s girlfriend), Mark (production), Tim (production manager), Charlsie (accounting), James (installation), Mary (wife of Matt) and Thomas (project manager).   

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