Friday Funny

Laughter is the best medicine.  That and of course essential oils, but that’s a post for another day.  Here are the things that have made me giggle in the last week.

I mean, this is a pretty legit question right?

This maybe the tactic we go with though – but seriously, want to buy a beautiful home in Lexington – look no further than:   240 Chesterbrook Lane (for real though, I will buy you a pizza if you buy this house)

This is one of the first meme’s that Tyler texted me when we first started working together and it always makes me giggle and this one too.

calming the crazy

If only I could live by this motto right now.  Things are so crazy in life, and sometimes I don’t know whether I am coming or going.   Those that know me well, know that I do not like chaos.  I like order, I like plans and I thrive on knowing what’s happening and when its happening.

That being said, our life could not be more chaotic now if we tried.  I mean really.  This past weekend, I cried in Target while we were waiting for Katie to try on some clothes.  Like, legit tears.  I was just overwhelmed by how much I knew I needed to do with the house & packing, and I felt like we were wasting so much of that packing time by being in Target.

Houses – We are moving starting in 4 days (Monday).  We are getting the keys on Saturday to start cleaning the house, then the process of moving my house starts on Monday evening when I start moving all the boxes.  Our realtor is still actively promoting and we are getting lots of showings on Jake’s house, which is great.  Adding to all the house stuff we have going on – Jake’s mom is selling her house down here, and we have to go over there at some point and do touch up painting & cleaning (there was a renter in the home before)  So for a matter of a few weeks, its going to feel like we have 4 houses.

Wedding – We are still in the midst of wedding planning.  I am starting to have to reevaluate alot of things in terms of decor and whatnot – because we thought Jake’s house would have sold by now – and now, we are having to carry 2 mortgages.  So the things we wanted are now possibly going to be scaled back.  I know in the grand scheme of things – the part where we GET married is the most important, but we do want to have a fun party for all our family & friends.   I work with many brides at Seibels every month, and I see the stress they are under and I also see many of the invoices & bills for their weddings.  The wedding industry is expensive, and the minute you tack the word “wedding” onto any event, it gets very expensive, very fast.

Self care has been hard lately.  I have tried to shut myself in my office at lunch to work on wedding stuff, oils business stuff, or even take take 10 minutes and play mindless angry birds on my tablet- BUT typically, the minute I take a bite of my food someone comes in and needs something.  Lately, it’s a lot of my grad students needing “mama Lori” versus “department coordinator Lori” – so I never turn them away (nor will I ever turn them away).   I am doing better about drinking a ton more water and a lot less soda, so that is making me feel better.  Sleep comes and goes – depends on the day and if I am at my house or Jake’s.  I have had more migraines in the last 2 months than I have had in a long time.  Jake thinks that stress triggers them, and in some ways I think he is probably right.  I just need to recognize the signs before it gets to the point of a migraine (which I am pretty good at doing).

Writing is like therapy to me, it helps me get all the thoughts out onto paper – and really helps to calm the whirlwind that brews inside my head.   Once we get into this house, the nightly walks/runs and more working out will definitely help.  But until then – I write.

life lately.

Life lately has been insanely overwhelming, amazingly blessed and just overall a little crazy.   We are selling Jake’s house, my landlord put my house on the market, we have baseball almost every night with Jonathan (and Saturdays) and we are in the midst of buying our forever home together.  To say that we are tired is an understatement.  Our date nights have turned into baseball practice together and then dinner at home – whatever can be microwaved easily usually, or take out.   Even dinners with the kids are rushed, or piecemeal.  Katie will feed Natalee while Jonathan and I are at practice, and J and I eat when we get home.  We do a lot of running around – however, I love watching Jonathan play ball, and I love watching Jake coach.  It has been a good season so far (despite not winning a single game at all!).

We are moving in less than 2 weeks and I have had several panic moments over the last week.  We get the keys this weekend to go in and clean.  The house has been vacant for almost 6 months, so there is a nice layer of dust on everything – plus, I’m just one of those people who want things cleaned my way with my stuff (aka:  Thieves all the things!).  We can start moving things in on May 1st and my parents are coming down on the 4th to help us and bring us some furniture from my brother.  The photo of the house is from awhile ago, the trees & bushes have definitely grown in a lot.  We hope to be able to paint the front door a navy color, and also repaint the shutters the same navy color.   We are excited for the possibilities this new house brings for us.

Wedding planning – somewhat halted during all this move craziness.  At least now though we have an address to put on the RSVP cards!   Will be back with more updates soon, and lots of pics of our new “together home”.




A weekend in the Crystal Coast

We took some time last weekend and skirted off to Mama & Daddy’s house.  It was just what Jake and I needed from all the crazy hustle & bustle that has been happening in our lives the last few weeks with house stuff.   We did take some time on Saturday to take my mom out to breakfast (and then lunch), explore a few neat little shops and take our eldest to Morehead City to hit up the Ulta there (she just wanted out of the house).

Here are the places we visited:

Seaside Coney Island – Swansboro – my sister in law has been after us to try this place out, since she found out that Jake loves authentic Detroit Coney’s (Michigan Coney’s? – not sure which is the correct title).  So, we finally tried this place out.  It ended up being, Mama, Jake and I.  We shared fried pickles while we waited for our food.  Mama got a BLT with fries while Jake and I each got a regular Coney with chili-cheese fries to share.  While waiting for our food – we found out the owners are from the Detroit area.  So yummy – we will definitely go back again!

Carteret Cafe – Cape Carteret – this is owned by a long-time resident, and the food is always good. When we woke up on Saturday, I came downstairs to the announcement that granddaddy was taking the 3 little kids to breakfast.  I attempted to wake the teenager up, who just requested “something from McDonalds”, so Mama, Jake and I headed to the Carteret Cafe.   I ordered an omelet and Jake ordered biscuits & gravy and we shared.  I have been there numerous times with my parents – and it is always good!

Elly’s – Emerald Isle – I can venture a guess that I have been inside this store 90% of the times I go to visit my mom.  Also, almost 90% of the time we don’t buy a thing – but love to look.  Its not one of the kitschy beach stores like Wings – its got a lot of cute stuff, and nice gift items.  We went there on Saturday looking for a gift for Natalee’s birthday.  We left empty handed, but I made sure to point out enough stuff that maybe Jake will get the hint for birthday or Christmas.  =)

After our morning adventure running around & eating breakfast & lunch – we came home and Jake watched the Tigers baseball game & the masters and I napped.  It was glorious – kids were all running around with their cousin Kyler & furry cousin Tanner.  It was just what my soul needed to refresh (although I did miss going down to the pier to see the ocean).




Tuesday Tunes

So I heard this song a few weeks ago on the radio – and immediately thought “Jake needs to hear this”.  You don’t hear a lot from the members of Brooks & Dunn anymore, although they are still writing and recording music individually.   This song spoke to me on so many levels.

Jake has been the answer to many, many prayers over the last few years.  Those that know me know what my last relationship was like.  Don’t get me wrong, there was good there – but there was a level of bad there that I could never see until the relationship was over.   This song reminded me of Jake a lot.  The line “I worship the woman you walked on” – yep, that’s us to a “t”.  He is so supportive, loving and kind – at the end of every day I never go to sleep wondering how he feels about me.




In honor of baseball’s opening day, here are my 2 baseball guys!   Jake the coach and Jonathan the catcher!  I love watching Jonathan play, been at all but 2 of his games since he was in t-ball.  This is Jake’s first year coaching and I love to see his interaction with the kids.  They both seem to be enjoying themselves this season!


Wedding Update – The Invites!

I had such a hard time with the invitations!   Everything I found was just ridiculously expensive.  All I could think was “this is money we could put towards something else!” (like the food!!).  Enter   VistaPrint has been around forever it seems like, I remember ordering from them back when we lived in Beaufort (2002-2005).  

Another great benefit to vistaprint is they offer coupons all the time.   After some back and forth on designs in my own head, I came up with something I felt was suitable given the color scheme we have gone with, and the “theme” to our wedding (not really a theme, just a design element we like).    We ordered them last week and they should be here today actually!  I am excited to get those in the mail for folks in May.  I won’t show you the front, because it has some more personal information on it I’d prefer not to put out there!  But lets just say, its in one of our “signature colors” and of course – will have a nautical touch!

All the invitations and enclosure cards ended up costing about $130 (before tax & shipping).  That’s 150 invites, and 150 enclosure cards with envelopes.  So that breaks down to about .43 per invitation (before stamps).  Most companies charge .97 and up for invites, and you only get the .97 price if you are ordering 300 or more.   It is one of those things that yeah, you can go all out and fancy  – but at the end of the day, that invite is going to end up in a trashcan somewhere.  That being said, I am still excited with the way they look!

But, while you wait for those to hit your mailbox – you can visit our wedding website:



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