a song for saturday

We’ve all been lied to
We’ve all been liars
Nothing’s perfect in this  world
Everybody’s been burned by the fire
Guess I’m learning
That  what breaks you, makes you grow
But I’m not hiding where I’ve been
Gonna  let the light shine in
What I don’t need
Gonna let that, let that, let that go

The above lines are from an old Gary Allen song called “Pieces”.   I always joke that I wish I had a soundtrack to my life, and typically that soundtrack contains country music mainly.  I love that the first lines are “I’ve been broken, torn and scattered” because who hasn’t felt like they were broken at one time or another?  

I know I talk a lot about the last few years before we moved to SC being super hard for my family, and how last fall was a trainwreck for me.  However, the last 7 months I have made a lot of changes, and I guess the “theme” for the year could be change.  This year has been life changing in so many ways, and I am tremendously blessed at all the opportunities that have come my way.  I have an incredible job where I get to work with some of my favorite people in the world.  I have a church that I have grown to love, and I am excited to be an active part of.  The kids and I have Jake, who has changed our world in so many ways.  

Every struggle I’ve been through has brought me to this place, and every piece of me that I gave away has shaped the course of my life.  There is no script, that’s all in God’s hands, but believe me I am going to enjoy this ride and this life he has given me.

Wordy Wednesday – Disney!!

13716259_10207171765994600_7155270541447454053_n (1)


I am gathering my notes from our Disney trip and will be doing a series of posts about our experience.  I am so excited to share what I have learned!   But for now – here are my kids enjoying meeting Minnie Mouse on the 1st night of our trip at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort!

5-4-F: Michigan edition

A week ago today, I was in Michigan – in Ann Arbor – shivering.  I am not cut out for the cold, no matter where I am.  I will say, Michigan was beautiful and I loved every minute of getting to see where Jake was from.

Downtown Detroit – you are beautiful.  I know you have a hidden side, a seedy side and well – the mob, but lets be real – you are beautiful and there are people out there working hard to continue to make you great.  I won’t pretend I understand your obsession with “coneys” (hot dogs), and hockey – but I still liked you a lot.  Plus, you have lots of old yet pretty buildings.

michigan left turnsMichigan left turns – what the hell is this?  Apparently enough people asked, that the Michigan Department of Transportation made a whole website devoted to “What is a Michigan Left“?

This was probably one of the more confusing parts of trying to drive home from the 4th of July party (in the dark).  I think I said “dammit, I have to drive past the road I want to turn on, bust a u-turn and then turn right?”

Apparently its a safer alternative to making left turns, and there is some science behind it.  I still shake my head, its weird to this southern girl.



 Humidity – Michigan had very little of this while we were there.  This in itself is absolutely amazing.  My hair looked amazing.  Case in point to the right.  No humidity = no southern girl curls (aka: frizz monster!).  My hair stayed pretty stick straight most days with just a blow dry and a touch of humidity spray (because habits y’all)

Also, the weather there was pretty much perfect the entire time.  Upper 70’s to lower 80’s everyday, never a day of 90 at all (I’m thinking we never got above 85).  I did get chilly in the early mornings, and late evenings. I’m wearing a pullover in this photo and its probably close to 7pm.

13529040_10210235643831390_8824241320274004140_nAnn Arbor – what I saw of you was pretty.  I am a college football girl, so seeing stadiums makes my heart happy.  This one was no different.  Even if I do look like I’m being held hostage in this photo.  I’m wearing a sweatshirt because it was very windy and I was cold.  There is a lot of maize and blue in this photo, but I guess it is payback for dragging him to the Carolina spring game, and all my non-stop “crap talk” about Clowney.  Jake’s new favorite response to that is #ClowneyGone

There is a rumor we may end up here on Labor Day weekend for the opening game, but the jury is still out on that one.  It would be a LONG drive up and back with the kids. 


jake golfRelaxing – getting to see Jake full on relax for the first time in a long time.  No real responsibilities, no work for a few days.  He got to play golf, which he loves to do and doesn’t get to do nearly enough.  He got to see his family and spend a ton of time with them, which he told me several times he was happy about.  I am so glad that we could make this trip happen.

So thanks to all who made our trip so special – lending us a car to use (Clark & Jo), taking us to lunch (Mom!), buying us dinner & taking us on boat rides(Mike & Phyllis), buying Jake his favorite Canadian beer (Tyler), paying for Jake’s round of golf (Uncle Mike).  We love you all, and cannot wait to see you again!

TBT: beachy babies

Throw back from 2011 when we went to Pensacola on a vacation in the camper.  The kids loved it so much, and the beach was beautiful.  Except Natalee didn’t love the 2nd photo moment very much. She was mad because I asked Katie to take Natalee’s cup from her so we could get a nice photo.  Nice photos didn’t happen.






ANTICIPATING – trip to Disney in 11 days,  Jake’s final court date for his divorce in 9 days.

CLEANING – nothing yet.

DEALING – with lack of social interaction.  summers at USC are slow!

EATING – nothing yet, lunch is spaghettios, dinner tonight will be tacos!

FEELING – like I can lay my head down and sleep.

HOPING – that my oils team continues to grow, and progress.  I love seeing people helping others!

PLANNING – date nights, weekend dinners.

READING – Camelot’s Court: Inside the Kennedy White House

WATCHING – not much lately at all.  TV stays off more than its on.

WEARING -black pants, orange tank & a light cardigan.  Its 105 outside, but its maybe 65 in our building.

Happy July 4th!

We are flying home from Michigan today – sad to be leaving our family there, but excited to be getting home to get our babies!   Here is a flashback from 2010 of our three!  So tiny, and so blond!  

kids - flag tshirts

Blogger Men Tell All – June

Its that time again – time for Jake to have his say!  Of course, since he had such short answers, my comments are in italics.

  • If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go and why?
    Scotland, the home of golf!!   (of course this is the answer, but also I think he would say anywhere sunny, he especially wants to go play at TPC Sawgrass in Florida (below), and take me to Sandals in the Bahamas).   sawgrass1


  • What is your favorite summer treat?
    Ice Cream  (currently, there are 3 quarts of ice cream in our freezer – Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, and Strawberry Cheesecake).
  • Do you have a favorite song that says “summer” to you? What is it?
    Not really, but Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” is a good one and “Somewhere on a Beach”
    Fun fact: Kid Rock is from Michigan and got his start there.

  • What summer project are you hoping to accomplish before fall?
    Well my backyard would be one, but it might be fall. Because is WAY too hot now.
    We did manage to plant some flowers out front, and clean up the front flower beds.  We have some dead bushes in his back yard we need to take care of.   At my house, my front flower beds need taken care of too.
Blogger Men Tell All

5-4-Friday Funnies…

A combination of an old blogging meme (Oh How Pinteresting) combined with my 5-4-Friday post.  Enjoy my pinterest funnies!


Seriously – because I have probably already sent the screenshot of your stupidness to at least 3 people. Remember kids, the internet lives forever!


daab638130e4e75633fe7ebcfa2d6879I can’t handle you, you are like 5 gallons of crazy in a 2 gallon bucket and I don’t have time for a mess like that.  No one has time for that, so I’m just gonna pray for you.



Sassy George Washington is probably my favorite thing ever.  If you haven’t read them, you need to – and if you laugh, you can send me your thanks.  Click Here ~~> Sassy George Washington



Tyler sent this to me a few months ago, and I saved the text.  Every time I look at it, I giggle.



I heard its now called “hacked”.  Sorry, not sorry, I couldn’t resist.

A week from today..

A week from today I am getting on a plane for the first time since 2012 and flying to Atlanta, and then onto Detroit with Jake.  I try to always make everything in life an adventure, and I assure you this will be an adventure for the both of us.


I get to meet his family, and while I am excited – I am nervous as hell.  I have a hundred reasons running through my head as to why they won’t like me.  They run from stupid – “I have a funny accent” –  to a little more serious “I’m not catholic”.  Jake has assured me that they will love me, and already do because they see how happy he is.  Knowing this still does not make me any less nervous (sorry babe!).  He shipped his golf clubs up there yesterday, and that just makes it more real for me.  I told him that this morning that “the trip just became real”, instead of something we have talked about for 3 months. 

I will miss my kids while I’m gone, but this is the 1st time since 2012 I have gone on a trip without them. The last time I flew to Richmond to go to my best friends wedding.   Sure they go on little trips with their dad, and spend a week or so at “camp grandma” every summer – but that is not mom leaving them and flying to another state.  This is different.  I think it will be good for Jake and I to get out of Columbia for a few days, reconnect with each other, and see everyone at the same time.


Also, I am completely freaked out over what clothing to pack.  I joke enough that Michigan is the frozen tundra, or “the artic”, because lets be real – I am from the south, where anything below 60 is cold to me.  Nighttime temps up there in Michigan are in the mid to upper 50’s.  I hate socks – but tennis shoes are a must (especially since I messed up my ankle). – so I have to pack socks.  I have 1 pair shorts, 3 skirts, 5 tops, jeans & a hoodie (because it’s Michigan), flip flops, bathing suit, lounge pants & tshirt (my jammies) and at least 1 dress (which may/may not make the cut). I have paired down the shoes to 3 pairs (2 pairs flats, 1 pair tennies). In a carry on y’all, in a carry on. Jake says we can check a bag, but I am going to try to roll it all to fit it into a carry on. 

fly over states 2


So, as you read this – we will be high up over one of the “fly over states” hopefully.  Please pray for beautiful weather, a safe journey and patience.