Nov 172015

Three years ago, I woke up to a chilly Georgia morning.  I probably didn’t want to leave the warm bed to begin the days adventure.  That adventure you ask; packing my entire 4 bedroom house into a moving truck for our move to South Carolina.  It was hard, most of the people who said they were going to help us move bailed on us at the last minute.  I get it, people get busy and things happen.  I put out an SOS on facebook, and we had friends show up to help.  We got my van, a 27ft moving truck, my dad’s truck with a trailer attached all packed full of all my worldly possessions.   Loaded the kids up after a round of goodbyes to friends and we hit the road.

My dad and I had to go back the next day after we unloaded here for one final load.  I remember the sigh of relief that came from me when we crossed from Georgia into South Carolina on that final trip.  I was leaving behind so many bad memories, and of course a bunch of wonderful ones as well.  I was starting a new adventure in a new town, and it was going to be great.

I remember the weeks leading up to moving were hectic, and I cried a lot.  I knew things would be better once we moved, once we were settled.    I could never have imagined everything that has happened in the last 3 years.  I have an amazing boyfriend who keeps me sane, drives me nuts and has given me some of the best memories so far. I have a huge group of friends that have become like family to me..  I have students who make me laugh all the time.  I have been blessed with a series of wonderful jobs here at the University of South Carolina, jobs that have given me some super opportunities that I would have never had in Georgia.

While I miss my friends in Georgia, this is where I belong.  This is home.



Nov 132015

Two Years ago…South Carolina vs. Florida Gators football game…this was us!   Tomorrow, we will back out at the same game (although a noon game, not a 7pm game).

pat&lori - florida game

Nov 122015

So recently I had to learn a very big lesson here on my blog.  It was scary, and I cried once or twice.  This story really should be titled:


About 3 weeks ago I tried to go in and update my blog.  No big deal, lots of times I write my posts up at night, and then post them on my lunch break the next day.  I schedule them out, and easy peasy.  I go to my log in page and nothing loads.  Not a problem, this happens sometimes.  So I sent a note to my hosting company.  24 hours later, what I have I heard?  Crickets.  I sent 2nd ticket in, and 48 hours later – still nothing.  At this point I was freaking out completely.  At this point my blog has been down for 4 days, and I am getting no response from the hosting company.  I reach out on twitter.  I make phone calls based on the information on their whois information.  I get no where.

I reach out on facebook to my Georgia Social Media Moms group that I am still a part of.  A few offer kind words of support, and one in particular Tiffany from Real Mom Talk sends me a PM offering additional assistance.  With her help, and the help of her friend Michael we sort out the facts and go from there.  After doing some checking, Michael emails me with the bad news.  We can basically do nothing until I gain access to the backside of my blog to update/download and back up everything.

He decides to send an email to every email we can find for the hosting company, basically telling them to either answer or be reported for fraud.  At this point I had been without my blog for over a week.   He sends the email and we wait.  The next morning I just off-handedly type in my blog address and like magic it loaded.  I quickly emailed Michael and told him, and within minutes he was downloading, backing up the site while I was setting up the new host.  I turned everything over to him and he got me all set up on the new host.  If I could have kissed him that day, I probably would have.  He did me such an amazing favor, and in the spring will be doing a complete site update for me.

Learn from me – ALWAYS back-up your site.  Weekly, monthly, whatever – just do it on a regular & consistent basis.

Nov 102015

November 10th – wow.  I cannot believe the year is 3/4 over basically.  Pretty soon it will be Christmas time!  Love Christmas time, and I have already started scoping out gifts for my kiddos!

But its a Tuesday, so its time for “three good things”!



1.  Disney planning – I am still planning away on our Disney vacation.  It has been such a blast learning as much as I can about the Disney parks and the ins & outs of everything.  Pinterest has been my “go to” for planning.   I have found posts on everything from “the top 10 salty snacks” to “the best places to potty at Disney”.   I want to go in with a loose plan at least.  We can have days “unscripted” other than the dining reservations we have, but since we are going to the parks WITH the dining plan in place (which will ultimately, save us money) we have to have a loose plan in place.

2.  My blog being back up.  It was down a week, and it was awful.  I will write a whole different post on that though, as there are MANY lessons learned there!

3.  Country music.  I’m thankful for country music.  Currently obsessed with a few songs, but of course there will be another post about that!

Oct 072015



Its been a few days..a few crazy, scary and touching days.  You see…we had some rain, a lot of rain. In Lexington we had 15.73 inches of rain between October 1-October 5.  The majority of that came October 3 & 4th.  We had dams burst, dams breached (there is a difference, did you know that?).  So much flooding everywhere.  Roads washed out and washed away. In some cases, they washed away people.  To date, 14 people have lost their lives in this “1000 year flood event”.   Much of the surrounding counties are under boil water advisories, because their water sanitation plants have been breached by flood waters.  Its a terrible situation.

Patrick, the kids and I are ok.  Our families are okay.  My coworkers are okay.  But much of our city is not.  So many people have reached out asking what they can do, what do we need.  The kids and I  – we don’t need anything (except maybe for them to go back to school, they are eating me out of house and home!).  Locally, there are some amazing places you can donate to that will directly imapct the Midlands area (what central SC is called, the Midlands). 

The direct link to the donation page for the United Way of the Midlands is here:

You can learn more about the United Way of the Midlands, their mission and news about how they are helping by visiting their website at:

Again, to all those family and friends who reached out to me – thank you.  We are blessed with an incredible network across the United States, and I will forever be grateful for that.

Love to you all,


Sep 292015

Top Three Tuesday – otherwise known as “three good things” or “three things tuesday” or…you get the picture, the possibilities are endless.

 This week, I am going to focus on things that make me happy (other than my 3 kids or Patrick)


20150921_185425The opportunities that blogging brings me – like being chosen to be a member of the Chick-fil-A mom’s panel for 2015-2016.  I have applied many years for this exclusive panel, and I was chosen this year to be a member.  Throughout the year #CFAmomspanel members get to have a sneak peek into upcoming new product releases, and help shape kids meal offerings (such as prizes in the kids meals).  I look forward to working with my fellow moms, and local CFA operators in the coming year!

Here is the welcome gift we all got!  A Chick-fil-A branded Tervis tumbler, a mini-cow plush, chapstick, and of course – coupons for some of their newest offerings – Frozen Lemonades and Greek Yogurt parfaits!   Yum!!

Getting packages in the mail, random letters/cards from friends – in addition to sending those out.  I think sending mail to your friends is a lost art…and we need to bring it back.  You have no idea how much you can brighten someone’s day by sending them a card in the mail.   When Patrick and I first started dating, I remember sending him a card in the mail and he loved it.   I have been challenged by a friend to send out 10 cards this week, and I plan on writing those tonight to various friends and family.  I am excited to spread some surprises around!


 Stress-away from Young Living  – this magic bottle of oil..LOL.   Stress away is what I diffuse in the evenings when I start to feel overwhelmed with laundry, homework, housework, etc.  It calms me in a way that I cannot even describe.  

You can diffuse it before bedtime with lavender to promote healthy sleep – I may try this one tonight!  

I am a distributor for Young Living, so you can always ask me any questions you’d like about any of the oils, or oil infused products that we offer!


Sep 262015

Technically this should be called North Carolina Loving, but – we’ll go with SC because its close enough.  We went to see Patrick’s mom a few weeks ago and decided to go hike Whitewater Falls, which is located just across the state line in North Carolina.  Whitewater Falls is a beautiful waterfall, set on the Whitewater River, part of the Jocassee Gorge area.  In my research about the falls, some sources say that it is the highest falls east of the Mississippi at 411 feet tall.   When we went the water levels were pretty low compared to how Patrick has seen it before, but it was still beautiful!   

whitewater1There is a short walk from the parking lot to the main falls area, along a paved path that is roughly 1/2 mile long.  Its a nice pretty even path.  Once you get to the first look-out point, there is a set of stairs (around 150 stairs total I’m estimating) to get to a 2nd look-out point.  There are several landings along the stairs, so that is helpful to catch your breath on the way back up!

From that landing is another set of of stairs that leads to a 1/2 mile (estimated) trail down to the river.  Its steep in some places, and there are many switchbacks where you feel like “I just came from this spot”.  There are roughed in steps from roots & some built in steps along the way (very primative, not for the faint of heart).  The trip down was relatively easy.  There were a couple spots I had to stop and take a breather, simply because of the stairs (killer on your calves!).  The view at the bottom though, spectacular!  There are huge rock formations, and the water gently cascades down.  We climbed all over the rocks, and even at one point I went across a little bridge and took some photos (big deal for me, I hate bridges in all forms).   




Then it was time for the climb back up.  Halfway back I was convinced I was dying.  Once we got to the big set of stairs leading up, I may or may not have cried a little.  I realized just how out of shape I really was in those moments.  Once at the top, I was greeted by a kiss from Patrick (who was waiting at the top of the stairs for me), and the beautiful view of the falls again.  Another set of stairs (below) up to the top (more Patrick waiting on me!), and we walked back to the truck to find his mom and Brayden.

He asked me later in the weekend if I had a good time (answer was yes), and would I do it again.  I said I would do it again, but make sure that I had on clothes that were more forgiving (not denim shorts) and had better tennis shoes on!




Sep 252015

It’s officially fall now so what better way than to kick it off with leggings! Leggings are a girls best friend, am I right?

Put-together, yet uber comfortable, leggings pair perfectly with a flowy tunic, a cozy sweater, or even your favorite graphic tee.

The beautiful prints on these leggings makes them so fun to mix and match with anything in your closet. 


Use coupon code LEGGY1 at checkout at Cents of Style. The coupon code will drop the price of each pair of leggings from $19.95 to $8.95, that’s $11.00 OFF!

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