ANTICIPATING – everything we have going on tomorrow!  DHL’s family fun day, wedding at Robert Mills House & the SC game.

DRINKING – water, trying to be better!

EATING – nothing, but I do have some delicious looking sushi for lunch

FEELING – worn out.  had a killer migraine yesterday that took so much out of me.

LISTENING – to Pandora.  Currently the song “Free & Into the Mystic” mashup with Claire Bowen & Zab Brown Band.  Its one of my favorites!

PLANNING – meal plan for the next week.

READING – the Perfectly Paranormal Museum

THINKING – about all sorts of things, my brain is a little scattered today

TRYING – to drink more water & less soda

WAITING – for the weekend to be here!

WATCHING -not a thing.

WEARING – jeans, boots & a shirt.  I am dressed for fall, but the outside is less fall and more spring (gotta love the south!)

Really Random Monday

Twenty random things that come to mind about me…. (because someone on twitter asked…LOL).

1.  I have lived in 5 states – Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and California.    
2.  My favorite colors are PINK and SKY BLUE!
3.  My favorite TV shows:  Scandal, Ghost Hunters, Fixer Upper, Rizzoli & Isles and Madame Secretary
4.   My kids are my greatest achievements ever.
5.   I work for the greatest university in the south.
6.  I love getting text messages.
7.  Peach roses are my favorite flowers.
8.  My students are like my other children.
9.  My high school friends are some of the best friends I’ll ever have, and I am blessed that no matter the time or distance, they always have my back.
10.  I once sold a mailbox to Erin Andrews (in my old job), and had my own mini freakout at my desk to be talking to her.
11.  I love college football – and honestly will watch just about anyone play.
12.  I am obsessed with Pinterest.  My favorite boards are:  I Like to Laugh and Thoughts in My Head
13.  I cannot sleep without my body pillow.
14.  I love twitter!  Twitter is my totally uncensored, unfiltered self.
15.   I sell Young Living Essential Oils, and I love how they have changed my life.
16.  I love to read and wish I could do more of it.
17.  I love getting mail – so much so, I get upset if someone else gets my mail before me.   I think sending cards/letters is a lost art, and I try to surprise my friends with hand written cards and letters when I can.
18.  Country Music pretty much sums up my life.  If you ask Jake, I’ll say “I love this song” to just about any song that comes on.
19.   I love makeup.
20.   I love learning about people, and talking to people – so post 20 random things about you and comment with your list!

Couple’s Survey…

Saw this on facebook and thought it was funny.


What are your middle names?
Allen and Ann

How long have you been together?
almost a year

Who asked who to date?
I don’t think anyone actually asked the other, we just sort of knew.

Do you have any children together?
My 3 kids and 1 cat.  Maybe someday we’ll have 1 together.

Did you go to the same school?
No – from 2 different states

Who is the most sensitive?
Definitely me

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Chick Fil A and El Paso Mexican

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?

Who has the craziest exes?
Hands down – him.

Who has the worst temper?
Probably Jake

Who does the cooking?
I do most.

Who is more social?
We are about the same

Who wakes up earlier?

Where was your first date?
Chili’s – but if you ask either of us, the 2nd date was the best one and sort of “sealed the deal” for us both. When you know, you know.

Do you get flowers often?
Once for Valentines.

How long did it take to get serious?
Not that long at all.  We just clicked, and just knew.

Who eats more?

Who does the laundry?
We both do.

Who’s better with the computer?

Who drives when you are together?

Who cries more?
Me, hands down me.

Three Things Tuesday

About a year ago, a fellow blogger was challenged to write three things down every Tuesday that are good in her life.  I loved the idea and I thought I would continue with it on my own blog.

1 – kids into a routine.  For the most part, my kids have gotten into a decent routine when it comes to school.  Katie has taken to waking herself up with an alarm too!  It doesn’t buy me any additional sleep, but it does buy me less “hurry ups” in the morning.

2 – Jonathan fall ball – Jonathan is playing fall baseball this year.  He didn’t play spring ball, and was sort of bummed about it (after originally telling us he didn’t want to play).  I’m not sure who is more excited about it though – Jake or Jonathan.

3 – football – the Gamecocks home opener is on Saturday, and I am so excited to tailgate with friends, and introduce Jake to southern football.


Whatcha watching?

The amount of TV I watch has gone WAY down in the last 9 months.  I guess I can partially thank Jake for that (haha!).  We watch a few things together on the weekends we are at his house, but my TV at my house rarely gets watched.  I don’t have cable, and rely on the antenna.  We are lucky and get about 25 channels total with it, in most rooms.  I used to turn it on when I got up, so I could hear the weather and traffic report.  However, for some reason I can no longer get NBC to come thru, and well I’m just an NBC girl and don’t want to watch any of the other stations in the mornings.

I am however, excited for shows coming up this fall!



This is Us – when the trailer for this came out, I tagged Jake in it and said “we need to watch this”.  Some have tauted it as the replacement for Parenthood.  I just think we can relate to it a bit.  I also love Mandy Moore and Sterling K Brown (who also starred in Army Wives).  It premieres on Tuesday the 20th on NBC.



I cannot wait for Scandal to come back, but its looking like I am going to have to wait a bit longer for it.  Supposedly, filming has been delayed due to its lead actress Kerry Washington being pregnant.  If that’s true, I’m thrilled for her – but bummed the show is being delayed.

We watch House of Cards, but that’s more of a “snuggle on the couch in the winter” show.  We need to start season 2, we just finished season 1 before the summer started.

I’m also looking forward to Madame Secretary (need to catch up on the end of last season).   I love the cast on this one!

Lastly my little “guilty pleasure” show is Lip Sync Battle.  I just love LL Cool J as the host, and the celebrities they get on the show make it so fun and entertaining.  My favorites have been Terry Crews (singing Vanessa Carlton), Jenna Dewan Tatum (battling husband Channing) and Snoop Dogg doing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. It is the best.

What are you guys looking forward to watching this coming fall?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


September Goals



Its been awhile since I have made one of these “goals” posts.  

1 – Read at least 2 books

2 – Budget – and stick to it.

3 – Write out and schedule “WW” posts, and maybe some “throwback” posts.  Try to plan out what I want to write and write them in my planner.

4 – Prep meals on Sundays as I can to help me not be so stressed during the week (and so the kids aren’t eating at 7pm!)

What are your goals for this month?

Gameday #2

   13529040_10210235643831390_8824241320274004140_n I am so excited to share this football season with you Jake (even if we are a house divided!!!).  This was taken back in June when we went to visit Jake’s family in Michigan.  Yes I am wearing a sweatshirt, it was windy and I was cold (I am willing to bet the temp was like 75).  The stadium is huge, and there is a lot of maize and blue going on.  I sort of look like I am being held hostage in this photo, but I assure you I was not.   Michigan takes on Hawaii at noon today in the big house in A2 (Ann Arbor, MI).  

So while a girlfriend and I are celebrating SC Pride Week, Jake will be home watching football.   

Happy Gameday to the Michigan Wolverines!

the one about the couples quiz

So as I mentioned before, Jake and I started a couples class at our church. Its a 6 week long “nearly-wed/newly wed” class.  It is great, I am glad we are doing it.  Some drawbacks – we are at least 8-10 years older than every other couple in there.  We are looking at marriage #2, and they are all looking at their 1 and only.  Believe me when I say, we don’t wish divorce on anyone – but we are both glad we are divorced and found each other.  We have a different outlook on things I think.

Before the class started, we had to take this assessment/quiz thingy (yes thingy is the technical term for it).  I took mine one week, and Jake took his a week later.  We didn’t discuss anything on it, I didn’t tell him what was going to be on it.  We just took it and waited.  And waited some more, since our first Sunday school class meeting was just a breakfast & ice breaker meeting.  We had to wait a whole other week to get to the 1st part of the assessment.  

So that week came, and it was on communication.  Jake likes to point out that we started talked on January 15th and haven’t stopped since.   So it was no surprise that when we got the assessment back for that first part, we answered all but 1 thing the same.  Our answers were identical.  We did a little exercise in class on active listening.  We had some homework to do over the week, and once or twice did call each other out for not paying attention.  I called him out once when he was watching golf and trying to facetime me at the same time (it wasn’t working well).   It really does change things when you are conscious about making that effort to really listen.

pray about itThis past week was on conflict resolution.  Again, no surprise there that we scored a 100 on it.  We had one thing we answered differently (which was mostly just interpreting the question differently).  We do not fight.  We have had one minor disagreement (that I don’t think actually counts).  We talk things out (see above paragraph…ha!).  One of our leaders sat down with us and said “how’s it going” and Jake said “we don’t argue” and I followed up with “we have both been married before, which is a blessing in terms of knowing what we do and don’t want to do”.  We sort of talked about our scores then got our homework for the week.  

Homework for the week – say a one sentence pray for each other WITH each other every night.  I think this might be my new favorite bedtime routine.