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The power industry is one of the most...

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The power industry is one of the most important basic energy industries in the development of the national economy. It is not only closely related to people's daily life, but also related to the economic security and social stability of the country. It is the priority development focus of the economic development strategy of all countries in the world. As the basic industry related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the power industry plays an important role in promoting the development and social progress of the national economy. With the continuous and steady development of our economy, the demand for social electricity is expanding, and the expansion of the power sales market has stimulated the development of the whole power production. In the past 2010-2015 years, the annual average annual growth rate of total electricity consumption in China from 4 trillion and 190 billion kwh to 5 trillion and 550 billion kwh was 5.78%, while the per capita electricity consumption increased from 3125 kwh in 2010 to 4037 kwh in 2015, and the annual average annual growth rate was 5.26%.
Driven by the continuous growth of electricity demand, China's power investment has maintained a high level. Since China has been in the situation of electricity shortage for a long time, the construction of power grid is more focused on the construction of power supply. With many years of large-scale input, the power generation capacity of our country has reached a high level, which can meet the needs of economic development. Therefore, power grid construction investment has been increasing in recent years. In the past 2010-2015 years, the investment of China's power grid increased from 341 billion yuan to 460 billion 300 million yuan, and the annual average growth rate was 6.18%, which was higher than the growth rate of 2.36% of the power supply in the same period.
Distribution network plays an important role in power distribution in the power grid. It is an important network that the whole power system is directly connected with a large number of end-users, so it occupies an important position in the power grid. During the "12th Five-Year" period, only the State Grid accumulated 1 trillion and 800 billion of the grid investment, of which the distribution network investment accounted for 52% of the grid investment, about 940 billion 940 billion.

Distribution network can be divided into urban distribution network and rural distribution network. The continuous promotion of urbanization in China has greatly promoted the investment and construction of urban distribution network. Compared with the rural distribution network construction, the construction of rural distribution network is relatively backward. In recent years, China has launched a large-scale expansion of rural power distribution network investment, and started a new round of agricultural network transformation and upgrading plan in 2010. The 2010-2015 year national grid and the Southern Power Grid agricultural network transformation investment totaled 567 billion 800 million yuan, which greatly alleviated the bottleneck of the shortage of electricity supply in some rural areas.
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