pregnancy dreams = wth

Seriously people….you can tell me all day long about weird dreams, but nothing compares to weird pregnancy dreams.   Pregnancy dreams are insanely vivid, they often revolve around bizarre situations or topics, and sometimes they are just downright scary.

Case in point.  Wednesday night we went to bed like normal.  We put Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil in the diffuser, I took my allergy pill like I do every night, we snuggled (like we do every night) before we both drifted off to sleep.   Jake’s alarm goes off at 4:45, and some mornings he is up right away, some mornings he hits snooze several times.  This morning was one of those mornings where he got up right away, and I was able to go back to sleep pretty easily after he kissed me bye.

Then the dream started.  It started off okay – we were at a beautiful hotel in the mountains for a romantic getaway after we had the baby.  Somehow, my ex-husbands new wife set it up for Jake’s ex-wife to show up at the hotel and cause a huge scene.  In the dream, Jake and I were in bed when there was a knock at the door; he got up and opened the door only to find his ex-wife screaming and carrying on in the hallway.  So, he let her in our room in order to get her to calm down.  He tried to give her money to leave, and instead she got naked (!!), and climbed into our bed which I was currently occupying.  I quickly jumped up and went out on the balcony.   Jake and a hotel bellhop try to forcibly remove her from the room while waiting for the cops to show up.  She was screaming about how she was going to steal our daughter, and win Jake back by showing him what a good mother she could be.   I am sitting on the balcony in a bathro be absolutely sobbing because this has ruined our whole romantic weekend.  Jake is still in the room with the bellhop, while he tries to talk her down from whatever drug induced crazy she is on.   When the police show up, she quickly sobers up and tells them that she and Jake were sleeping peacefully when I showed up.  She started acting like a loving wife, and was hanging on him.  She tells the police that I am “hiding” on the balcony and that again, I had broken into their room.  The police arrest me and take me to jail for breaking and entering.    I woke up from this dream with tears on my face, a wet pillow and I was shaking.   It was bizarre and awful.


Feel free to tell me about your weird dreams in the comments, especially if they were when you were pregnant!

Throw Back Thursday

Little did I know that about 30 minutes after this photo was taken, that Jake would ask me to marry him.   Cannot believe it’s been 2 years since this day, and almost 3 years since I met the love of my life, and the best bonus dad to my kids.   We love you babe!   (photo cred to my daddy!)

baby bumpdate!

Baby girl had her heart scan on November 12th. Being a CHD patient, I am used to these kind of scans, but it is still always a little bit scary. Thank you to Kristina from Abrahmstrong for sending me the exact questions to ask the ultrasound tech. You would think this being baby #4, I would know the questions to ask, but sadly I did not.

Currently her heart looks perfect, all 4 chambers, all valves operating as they should, no holes between chambers and the vessels (aorta & pulmonary artery) are where they should be. We will get a similar scan around 35 weeks as a double check. She was kicking away at the doppler (which is normal for her), and had her hands in her mouth most of the time (which of course she was uncooperative in the scan tech getting a picture of).

I had another appointment on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and everything seems to be progressing normally.  Her heartbeat is nice and strong, and I am measuring as I should be for a 4th time mom.  The only thing that really came out of that appointment was finding out my doctor actually goes on maternity leave herself around December 19th, and should be back before my due date.  In the meantime, she has picked a doctor within the practice she wants me to see.   I will have the dreaded glucose test on December 18th.   Totally NOT excited about this.  My doctor said “get excited, we have fruit punch and lemon-lime flavor” in a very sarcastic tone.  I laughed when she said the fruit punch was nasty and she recommended the lemon-lime.  My last doctor (with Natalee) had orange, which is the best out of the 3 flavors if I had to pick one.  I’m a little worried about failing the test and being diagnosed with gestational diabetes – but god’s got this!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!   We have been blessed this year in ways that we never thought possible.  I hope you all have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving weekend.

In closing – #GoGamecocks & #GoBlue!

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Six years ago, I woke up to a chilly Georgia morning.  I probably didn’t want to leave the warm bed to begin the days adventure.  That adventure you ask; packing my entire 4 bedroom house into a moving truck for our move to South Carolina.  It was hard, most of the people who said they were going to help us move bailed on us at the last minute.  I get it, people get busy and things happen.  I put out an SOS on facebook, and we had friends show up to help.  We got my van, a 27ft moving truck, my dad’s truck with a trailer attached all packed full of 99% of my house (the 1% consisted of my ex-husbands workout machine, my dad was not about to move that).   Loaded the kids up into different vehicles after a round of goodbyes to friends and we hit the road.

My dad and I had to go back the next day after we unloaded here for one final load.  I remember the sigh of relief that came from me when we crossed from Georgia into South Carolina on that final trip.  I was leaving behind so many bad memories, and of course a bunch of wonderful ones as well.  I was starting a new adventure in a new town, and it was going to be great.

I remember the weeks leading up to moving were hectic, and I cried a lot.  I knew things would be better once we moved, once we were settled, the kids would have their dad close again.    I could never have imagined everything that has happened in the last 6 years.  I was in a long term relationship where I learned a lot about myself (and alot about how love should be).   I found love – in a man I never would have met if I hadn’t moved.   What’s funny is that Jake moved here a few years before I did, leaving behind his hometown and family/friends to take a job here.  While he no longer has that job, I will forever be thankful for that job since it brought him to the same state as me!   I have a small group of friends that have become like family to me.  I have students who make me laugh all the time, and are like my other kids (ie: they call me Mom!).  I have been blessed with a series of wonderful jobs here at the University of South Carolina, jobs that have given me some super opportunities that I would have never had in Georgia.  I have found a place where I belong.

While I miss my friends in Georgia, this is where I belong.  This is home.


Art Journals by Ellie Claire

Hey friends!

I was given the opportunity to review some beautiful Ellie Claire Art Journals and I am thrilled to be sharing them with you.

First let me tell you how beautiful each of the three of them is.  They are hard cover books, and each has high quality heavy pages inside.   Each books is different in it’s own ways, and I cannot get over how beautiful they are.  Really y’all.  To feel them in your hands, you can feel the embossing and how quality the materials are.   My teenager quickly claimed them as her own, and plans on giving one to a good friend she attends church with as a Christmas gift.

The ones I received are:   Faith & Lettering Journal, The Illustrated Word Coloring Journal and the Illuminate Your Story Journal.

Faith & Lettering – This journal again has a hard cover on it, as well as an elastic pen loop on the spine.  This comes in handy if you are like me and like to use the same pen over and over!   This has guides and tutorials on how to do the beautiful lettering like you see on the front cover.  It is a great place to practice bible journaling, and writing our verses in beautiful letters. Some of the pages even have “traceable” prompts, sort of how you were taught how to write when you were a kindergartner, which I greatly appreciate when it comes to trying my hand at fancy cursive lettering.    It has a fitting bible verse on the back in Ephesians 2:10 – We are God’s Masterpiece.    This journal measures 9″x 7″ (so almost as big as a regular sheet of paper).   Like the others, there are 160 pages in this book.

Illuminate your Story Journal – This journal is done in a soft cream color with a sea foam green accent.  Like the Faith & Lettering journal, it has an elastic pen loop on the spine, a ribbon marker and has an elastic band closure..  This one would easily fit into your purse or backpack as it only measured 6″x 8″.   There are drawing guides, as well as a grid background pattern page.  There are 160 pages total in this book, consisted of basic lined pages for journaling as well as the previously mentioned pages.   Throughout this journal there are fitting bible verses and inspirational quotes, and I love that it teaches you how to do the “start letters” that you often see at that start of passages of scripture.

The Illustrated Word – This journal is unlike the others as it is more of a bible coloring journal, and has forty illustrations from ancient texts that you can color in.   It measures 9″ x 7″, and does not have a pen loop.  The cover is thick, and there are 160 pages in the book.  There is a mix of lined journal pages, as well as coloring pages.  One of the neat aspects of this book is that the coloring pages are accompanied on the next page by the full color original version of the ancient manuscript pages.

If my teen hadn’t snagged these, I would have loved to have kept the Illuminate your Story for myself.  Especially since it is a touch smaller than the other 2, and has pages for journaling as well as “doodling”.  I do like that there is a pen loop, makes it easy to keep up with your favorite pen (you know we all have a favorite pen!).   We did not test the papers in any for bleed through, but many of the reviews I read online do not mention any bleed through in any of the journals.

Chaos and patience

To say things have been chaotic in our house is an understatement.   When Hurricane Michael Blew through, it brought rain and wind on a Thursday.  The next evening Jake and I were going to bed, and he asked me if the floor felt wet on his side of the bed.  I sort of dismissed it because he had just gotten out of the shower, but I went around to his side and felt the floor.  It felt cold – and a little damp  -but not wet.  So I asked him to move the nightstand, so I could feel closer to the wall.  He moved his nightstand and I pressed my fingers into the indention in the carpet – soaking wet.  I quickly ran to my side of the bed and felt under the bed, yep, wet.  An Ulta circular that I had been reading a few nights before that had fallen under the bed was damp to the touch.   I quickly pulled out the items under our bed, including an antique bed frame that belonged to my children’s great grandmother.  Luckily, it was not damaged.

We decide we cannot do anything that night and go to bed.  The next morning, we begin the task of moving the mattresses of our king sized bed, and then the bed frame.  My husband pulled back the carpet and our worst fears were realized.  The floor was soaked out a good 2 foot and seemed to be isolated to under our bed, which was why we never realized it before.  We then moved the dressers, bed frame, mattresses, nightstands to the room that we were supposed to be prepping for baby girl.  The cedar chest and lounge chair were pushed into the bathroom.  He then kicked me out of the room as he realized that the carpet padding was moldy.  He ripped up all the carpet, padding and threw it out the window (easiest way to get it downstairs!).  He then began cutting away the drywall trying to decide where it was leaking from.  In doing so, we discovered some of the studs were rotten from continued water exposure.  At this point I’m pissed because our inspector never noticed anything, but then again – neither did we.  There was no damage to the drywall that we could see, or the carpet.

To contain this post some, Jake cut out a portion of the sub-floor that was rotten.  It was so rotten in a spot that was under our bed, that we are surprised that the bed hadn’t sunk into the floor.  It also helped explain why since we moved into that house, I cough and wake up stuffy every morning.  The worst of the sub-floor and wall damage was right behind and under my side of the bed.

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit for the weekend and they were able to replace the rotting studs & floor piece, as well as the rotting sub-floor.  Mama also helped cut the drywall straight from where Jake had just ripped it out.  Hopefully within the next 2 weeks we can get someone in to fix it (based on a chimney inspection from last year we *think* we know where the damage is coming from), for a reasonable amount of money.  We aren’t made of money, and are still in some ways playing catch up from when Jake was out of work all summer.  I just want our bedroom back too because we are on the “downhill” slide towards when baby girl arrives, and we have NOTHING set up for her.  Her room still needs painted, her crib put together and I just want things set and done so I’m not scrambling last minute!