Nov 112014

College campus…the melting pot that is our university.  So I bring you the first of “heard around here”.

A – Her nickname is Lucious Peaches, or “LP”.
L – It sounds like something that is a stripper, but then I remember I’m fat and I cannot dance.
K – Well actually, history shows there is a market for anything someone wants to put out there, so you could be a stripper.
Did I just totally quote the reason why you can be a stripper?  Yes I did, because I am a history major.


A – You know those graphs that have pictures and facts and things, what are they called?
L – An infographic.
A – OOOHhhh – I kept calling them icongraphy, but that’s like Jesus pictures.


S – I’m thinking about getting hair extensions, but damn they are expensive.
L – You should look for hair on amazon. You can buy anything on amazon.
Passing Professor – did you just say buying hair?  you can buy hair on amazon?
L – Yes, see the wonderful things you can learn in this department?


L –  We found an entire drawer of historical office supplies.
N – I don’t even know what that means, should I be worried?


No, Just no.
Stop It!  I can’t even.


I just wish these undergrads would put on appropriate length shorts.







Nov 062014



5-hour ENERGY®  just annouced the winners of its 5-hour ENERGY® “Yummification” video contest, and one winner is “local” to me (Zac from Lugoff!)!   The winning videos and recipes are posted at   
Congrats to all the winners!   Here they are with their Yummy Drink Creations!   

 First Place ($50,000 prize): “Pomelimelade” by Tim Merlau, Los Angeles, CA
This winning submission mixes a Pomegranate 5-hour ENERGY® shot with limeade, and then takes us on a musical journey through all that can be accomplished over several hours (spoiler alert:  it’s a lot).


  • 1 glass Limeade
  • 1 shot of Pomegranate 5-hour ENERGY®

Second Place ($30,000 prize): “Ramalamadingdong” by Mark Golembeski, Los Angeles, CA
The second place video helps us turn that 2:30 feeling frown upside down by mixing a 5-hour ENERGY® shot with lemonade.  This video has it all: a clown, a puppy, a guy in a tutu, and much more.


  • 1 glass Lemonade
  • 1 shot of Berry 5-hour ENERGY®

Third Place ($10,000 prize): “Arnold Power” by Zac Sheorn, Lugoff, SC
The third place winner reminds us that you don’t have to be good at sports, but mixing a Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY® shot with decaffeinated iced tea helps keep you refreshed while practicing.  And practicing.

“Arnold Power”

  • 1 glass Decaf Iced Tea
  • 1 shot of Pink Lemonade 5-hour ENERGY®


*Disclosure – I received compensation for posting this information for 5-hour ENERGY®.  All opinions expressed are my own.*



Nov 052014

I love the new Tim McGraw song “Shotgun Rider”.  Lately, when we make trips to or from Walhalla, I have been driving part of the time – so this seems appropriate for us.   Love how the two songs I think of as “our” songs are Tim songs!


Roll, won’t you come roll with me slow, fast, full speed
Girl wherever sweet time takes us
Hang, with me down this old road
Only god knows where we’ll go
Don’t matter long as I’ve got your love


I don’t ever want to wake up, lookin’ into someone else’s eyes
Another voice calling me baby
On the other end of the phone
No I don’t ever want to know
No other shotgun rider beside me singing to the radio

Nov 032014

That is the number of thoughts in my head right now – eleventy-billion.

What am I thinking of you ask?

Moving – changing my address – moving – packing – moving – bills – moving – timing – moving.

Did I mention I was moving?    This was not in my plan dammit!  


However, I did find an adorable house for the kids and I and it is perfect for us.  Allison (coworker) and I went to look at it a few weeks ago and the homeowner who is renting it seems wonderful.  He doesn’t want to go through a property manager, which is a plus for me, as I am not a fan of  property managers!   He is a bachelor and is moving in with his girlfriend in Charleston.  The lease is for a year, and at the end of that we will figure out what to do next.  I hope to buy a house in the next few years, and of course – I hope to buy a house WITH Patrick.  We will see where our road leads us, but I hope that is the path we are on (I think it is though!).  

The thought of packing makes me nauseous.  I feel like I just did this, although in reality it was 2 years ago.   The timing stinks, but – it happens.  Everything happens for a reason.  I have been able to purge a lot of the items in the house.  I was holding onto things from my previous marriage because well…I don’t have a valid reason for it.  But things that I didn’t need have been purged, the rest of his stuff has been packed and put away for him to pick up.  Some furniture has been sold, or will be sold soon (washer & dryer anyone?)  This new house is as much about moving on as it is about moving to a new place.  

Lots of photos will be to come – I am excited about this new adventure with Patrick and our kiddos!


Oct 252014

This week, this week.  So long.

Sunday – got Patrick home from Chile, drove to Aiken, watched Brayden play ball.  Typical weekend (minus the airport part).  Unfortunately, we got bad news about one of Patrick’s favorite uncles passing away, so the day was pretty somber. 

Monday & Tuesday – work, work and more work.  Longest 2 days EVER.  Katie had a dentist appointment on Monday that I forgot about until I got to work and looked at my planner. Of course, when I pick her up at school, she has no idea why I am picking her up.  Her mind runs from something happened to a family member, or she is getting her teeth pulled.  No, no teeth pulling today, just a cleaning.  No cavities – yay!  Tuesday, normal work day – nothing exciting.

Wednesday – no work, but I went up to Walhalla to be with Patrick for the funeral of his uncle.  It was good to see all his family, even under those circumstances.  I loved hearing all the stories everyone was telling about Uncle June, and everyone had a story or another.  What an amazing life he lived.  I am sorry that I never got a chance to meet him.  We got home around 11pm that night, after the 3 hour drive home.  

Thursday – quite possibly the LONGEST day of work I have had all year.  It was so incredibly slow.  Its fall break, so no students and then most professors take the day off.  However, it was the birthday of three of the most important men in my life.  My daddy, Patrick and my childhood pastor Mark.   All have influenced my life in so many ways, and I am forever thankful for their presence in my life.   Another happy occurrence on this day was, I finally found a house!   Allison went with me and we looked at a house in Lexington.  Quiet neighborhood, clean and did I mention quiet?   Talked with the owner who will be renting it out and its mine.  I am so very excited!   Bought new shoes for Natalee and came home.  

Friday – quiet day at work, nothing major.  Looking forward to a quiet evening at home with the kids.  I have laundry to do, cleaning up from the week.  We will of course watch the Amazing Race to see Katie & Bray’s orthodontist & his wife compete.  Then I will be watching Blue Bloods.

Today (Saturday) we have to do yard work.  The homeowners of our current home are coming to do a walk thru of the house on Monday.  So the grass & bushes need cut, and a run to the dump is needed.  

The thought of packing up another house is overwhelming…didn’t I just move???



Oct 232014


I have recently come across a great website that provides easy DIY floral arrangements kits for weddings and events. Many brides turn to DIY to save costs, but the process of researching, purchasing, and arranging florals often end up causing more stress and dollars. Recognizing this need gap, Bloominous is launched in 2014 to give brides an alternative option for DIY wedding flowers.

There are three advantages of using Bloominous for a wedding / event:

1. Cost Saving:

  • With Bloominous, brides will be able to save anywhere from 30% to 50% off their original floral budget

  • Each piece is priced without the typical 300% markup from wedding florists, e.g. $5 boutonnieres, $40 centerpieces, and $50 bouquets

2. Easy DIY:

  • Most DIY floral services do not send ‘prepped’ flowers, but ours come cut-to-order, dethorned, and trimmed, so brides save time AND money

  • Each kit comes with step-by-step photo instructions for easy assembling within 10 to 20 minutes per piece, as well as flower care products and design tips

3. Quality, Professional Design:

  • All collections featuring specialty flowers are designed florist with 10+ years of experience in event and floral design

  • It’s not just the flowers—from trends to vases to favors, we design the whole look for your inspiration, in our offerings and blog

This ‘florist-at-their-fingertips’ experience is not to be missed.  Bloominous is making DIY fun, easy, and approachable for anyone who wants to try. Check it out at


Oct 102014


5 on Friday - logo option1

Cause…we all need to laugh at the end of a work week!

10676333_861673507190131_907079406698584488_nKatie – this means you sista…

10639654_869352453088903_5748220601919746815_nand as soon as that one is fixed, the one in the other room broke too…

1610788_855236331167182_2838975672390599902_nand I don’t have the kids this year on Halloween….bring on the vodka!


We are all pretty convinced Chuck hates us anyway…so….totally doing this to him on Monday! 


I cannot stop laughing….. 


Oct 092014

So…I wrote out these questions, all prepared to pepper Patrick with them this last weekend.  Then life happened in the form of rain delaying baseball games, having to play at two ball parks, and a 13 yr old who waited until the last possible minute to work on a school project that was due Monday morning!   So…I asked him on the way to work this morning during our daily morning phone call….and again on Tuesday

Let me preface this by saying, we didn’t get home until 11:30 Sunday night…then up at 6 Monday morning.  He is not a morning person like me, so our morning phone calls are always a little one sided with me being the happy perky one and him still trying to wake up. So when I initially asked these questions…we were both a little lax on sleep!

Here they are!

1.   What is your favorite meal Lori has ever cooked for you?
P - That is hard to say.
*Note, at least this time he didn’t say pork chops – for that explanation see this post**
*Also note – I cook a lot for us…in fact, I cooked spaghetti on Tuesday night!*

2.  What was the best costume you ever wore as a kid on Halloween?
P - I really don’t remember anything I ever dressed up like.

3.  What do you think the perfect gift for a woman is?
P -  This is a trick question.
Me – No it isn’t, why do you think that?
P – It just is.
Me – No, just tell me what you think.
P – Whatever she wants the most, at the least expected time.
Me – What about for a man?
P – something sports related

4. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
P - What?  Oh good lord.

5.  What song always reminds you of Lori, and don’t you dare say “fat bottom girls”.
P – laughter followed by “I will have to get back to you on that”
Me – Did you think of a song yet?
P – I don’t listen to the radio”.
Me:  you do too, every time we are in the car!
P – I only listen to the radio when you or Brayden is in the car.  Is it bad if the only song I can think of is Hillbilly Stomp by Kid Rock?
Me – OMG, I am going to have to make up something, I cannot put that on my blog!  Are you serious?
*Note – Tuesday night I asked him one last time, and I said “not even our song?” – he looked at me with a blank stare, so I am not even sure he knows what our song is!   So..enjoy OUR song below!