A week from today..

A week from today I am getting on a plane for the first time since 2012 and flying to Atlanta, and then onto Detroit with Jake.  I try to always make everything in life an adventure, and I assure you this will be an adventure for the both of us.


I get to meet his family, and while I am excited – I am nervous as hell.  I have a hundred reasons running through my head as to why they won’t like me.  They run from stupid – “I have a funny accent” –  to a little more serious “I’m not catholic”.  Jake has assured me that they will love me, and already do because they see how happy he is.  Knowing this still does not make me any less nervous (sorry babe!).  He shipped his golf clubs up there yesterday, and that just makes it more real for me.  I told him that this morning that “the trip just became real”, instead of something we have talked about for 3 months. 

I will miss my kids while I’m gone, but this is the 1st time since 2012 I have gone on a trip without them. The last time I flew to Richmond to go to my best friends wedding.   Sure they go on little trips with their dad, and spend a week or so at “camp grandma” every summer – but that is not mom leaving them and flying to another state.  This is different.  I think it will be good for Jake and I to get out of Columbia for a few days, reconnect with each other, and see everyone at the same time.


Also, I am completely freaked out over what clothing to pack.  I joke enough that Michigan is the frozen tundra, or “the artic”, because lets be real – I am from the south, where anything below 60 is cold to me.  Nighttime temps up there in Michigan are in the mid to upper 50’s.  I hate socks – but tennis shoes are a must (especially since I messed up my ankle). – so I have to pack socks.  I have 1 pair shorts, 3 skirts, 5 tops, jeans & a hoodie (because it’s Michigan), flip flops, bathing suit, lounge pants & tshirt (my jammies) and at least 1 dress (which may/may not make the cut). I have paired down the shoes to 3 pairs (2 pairs flats, 1 pair tennies). In a carry on y’all, in a carry on. Jake says we can check a bag, but I am going to try to roll it all to fit it into a carry on. 

fly over states 2


So, as you read this – we will be high up over one of the “fly over states” hopefully.  Please pray for beautiful weather, a safe journey and patience.



Three Things Tuesday

We giggle a lot in our office.  I laugh a lot at home, with Jake, with my family.  I think laughter is good medicine, and for me its a coping thing.

In the last week, a few fun things have made me laugh and I wanted to share with you!

    1.  new followers on twitter – because nothing says stalker like someone you never expected to follow you, actually doing so.
    2. Tyler scaring me – so far this week he has jumped out from behind his desk (he got a bag of popsicles thrown at him), walked up behind me at the copier (almost got punched).  However, he continues to do it every week without fear for his life.  One of these days, I will get him back (he’s scared of spiders, hit me up with your ideas)
    3. the word “moist”.  never in my life did I think I would ever laugh over that word, but I did.  In fact I hate that word.  Mix it with the words Black Bean Brownies, and you have an office full of people laughing so hard they are crying.


Lessons from Jenny.

Whenever I’m having a moment….things aren’t going right, the kids are making me nuts or work is stressing me out.  I stop, log onto youtube and watch or listen Jenny.  Yep, Jenny the Bloggess.

You can’t NOT smile at this.  Even if you don’t blog, don’t get the whole blogger thing, twitter, or any of that – you can’t NOT laugh or smile at Jenny.   This is probably not suitable to watch in front of children or at work, she does curse a few times and the song at the beginning while catchy is totally not safe for either!

The lesson from this is always – make your own path, enjoy your own happiness despite what outside forced may say.  And always, ALWAYS live furiously happy.

And from now on, I will live the art of being furiously happy.


ICE – not the cold kind

Do you have an ICE contact?  No, not the kind that you put in a drink, but your “In Case of Emergency” contact in your phone?

A post went around facebook recently, and I think it is such a good reminder!

In light of recent tragedies, does everyone have their Emergency contact info in their phones? One of the biggest problems of people finding out about their relatives and friends is because police and hospital workers can’t get into people’s phones to contact next of kin.

Medical ID

On iPhones you can put Medical ID info on to your locked screen for emergency so they don’t have to break into your phone. I am sure androids, etc have a similar feature.

For iPhones- Go into your Health App (white app with Heart) and go to the tab for Medical ID. Put your info in there and enable it to show on emergency screen. Then then you go to your passcode page and you hit emergency it will take you to the white screen and the bottom left will say Med ID and it will have all info.

For Samsung, you just go to your contacts and click on the name of the person you want to make a contact, then scroll down and click on “groups”, and select “ICE” for the group.  It will assign them to your ICE contacts.  Currently my ICE contacts are Jake, my friend MeriLyn and my parents.

ABC Game

Thanks to the beautiful Hazel from Two-Thirds Hazel for this fun.  Like her I’m having a hard time with blog content lately, so here’s a little fun to start the week!

A- Age: 35 – yeah, someone pointed out yesterday on facebook that we graduated from high school 18 years ago.  Thanks friends.

B- Biggest fear: suffocating, something happening to one of my kids, car accidents

C- Current time: 2:32pm

D- Drink you last had: Chick-Fil-A sweet tea.

E- Every day starts with: alarm, check my phone, potty..usually in that order, sometimes phone while going potty (come on, admit you do it!)

F- Favorite song:  If you ask Jake, he will say “every song that comes on the radio”, reality, my current favorite songs are “It All Started with a Beer” (Frankie Ballard) and “Send my Love” (Adele)

G- Ghosts, are they real?: Yes.

H- Hometown:  Richmond, VA – AKA:  River City, RVA.


I- In love with: Jake..my kids…anyone who brings me starbucks (kidding, babe – I love you and the kids only)

J- Jealous of:  everyone whose out on a boat or on the beach today.

K- Killed someone?:  is this a real question?

L- Last time you cried?: on the way to work this morning, as they played One Love by Macklemore on Q93, with voice overs from the Orlando shooting.

M- Middle name: Ann

N- Number of siblings: one, brother Matthew who lives in NC


O- One wish: that my job paid a little bit more

P- Person you last called:  ticket office on campus to help me with my season ticket questions

Q- Question you’re always asked: “where’s _____?” (insert name of any staff member or professor).

R- Reason to smile:  our Michigan vacation is 13 days and a wakeup, and our Disney vacation is a little over a month away!

S- Song last sang:  You Save Me by Kenny Chesney

T- Time you woke up: 6:00am when Jake’s alarm went off, again at 6:30 when mine went off.

U- Underwear color: Grey

V- Vacation destination:  Michigan in 2 weeks, Disney in 4 weeks.

W- Worst habit: soda…hands down its soda.

X- X-Ray’s you’ve had: teeth, knee, ankle, lungs, spine, wrist

Y- Your favorite food: Mexican

Z- Zodiac sign:  Capricorn

Summer Reading!

Happy Summer Vacation everyone!  My kids first official day of summer break was yesterday, and I’m sure that it was filled with Netflix and a whole lot of “nothing” while mom was at work!   However, this year I am going to try to do more summer reading with them, through programs available at the public library near us, and through local stores.
Summer reading programs encourage kids to continue to read during the summer, in a time when they often lose up to 2 months of knowledge that they just learned during the school year.  Reading can also be a great tool for kids to “earn” TV time, or special treats by doing their reading.  When we were growing up, my dad took us to the library at least 5 times a month, sometimes more. I would grab stacks of Nancy Drew books and read through them so quickly I thought I would run out of the series.  It was these trips to the library that lead to my lifelong love of books!  

summer reading

Barnes & Noble offers a great summer reading program for kids Grade 1 through Grade 6.  This years theme is the “Summer Reading Triathlon“.  Kids have to read 4 books, and answer at least 3 questions related to the books.  Once you complete the form, your child can pick from a list of books depending on their grade level.  For my son, one of his choices is a Lego Comic Series, and my daughter can choose from a few of her favorite series (like Pinkalicious or Pete the Cat).   

Our local library also does a reading program, where the kids earn points towards prizes.  In years past there has even been a summer reading program for adults with similar type requirements, to earn points & tickets towards prizes.

What ways do you keep your kids engaged and reading during the summer?


Friday deal……

Its my daughters birthday week! So, in honor of her 15th birthday on June 2nd, I am offering $15 cash back for 4 people who purchase their Young Living Premium Starter kits this week(through June 15th).  

kit_june special


How can you be 15?

How it is possible that my baby, my first born is 15 years old?  

We haven’t always had it easy – we have had some rough times.  I am so proud of your determination, and your spirit.  The way you help take care of your brother and sister, and the way you love even when you are angry with me.  We sometimes fight, but I love you so much.  You made me a mommy, and for a long time it was just you and me against the world.   I cherish every memory of our adventures in San Diego, and Beaufort.  In so many ways you save me everyday and you don’t know it.  I love you so much baby girl, and I am so proud of the beautiful young woman you have become.

katie birthday


p.s. – funny note – this post went live at 2:46am, the official time you were born!  I love you k-bug.

Hump Day Ha-Ha

Saw this thing floating around facebook, and thought it would be funny.  Instructions are “without prompting – ask your significant other these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say.  Its great and funny, and the outcome could be hilarious.

I asked these questions to Jake when we woke up the other day before we got up to get ready for church. 

#1 – What is something I always say to you?
J – I love you.

#2 – What makes you happy?
J – you do  (aww…isn’t that sweet)

#3 – What makes me sad?
J – when you can’t fix something

#4 – What do you think I was like as a child?
J – quiet?  (haha, funny Jake! I don’t think I was quiet at all!!!)

#5 – How old am I?
J – 35

#6 – How tall am I?
J – chin height.   (I’m 5’6″)

#7 – What’s my favorite thing to go?
J – Pick on me about Clowney (yeah, I will totally give him that, I love to bring up the time Clowney obliterated Vincent Smith from Michigan during the capital one bowl.  lovingly referred to as “The Hit)

#8 – What do I do when you aren’t around?
J – wish I was around?  (good answer babe, I love our time together!)

#9 – If I become famous, what will it be for?
J – writing

#10 – What am I good at?
J – didn’t you already ask this?  Taking care of people.

#11 – What am I not good at?
J – I haven’t found that out yet.

#12 – What makes you proud of me?
J – your determination

#13 – What is my favorite food?
J – Mexican (this was after several tense moments as he tried to remember!)

#14 – What do we do together?
J – everything (true story)

#15 – How are you and I the same?
J – we both love college athletics  (and how are we different – I’m a Gamecock, He is a Michigan Wolverine)

#16 – Where is my favorite place to eat?
J – San Jose (true, but I love any Mexican food, except maybe that place we ate Friday night)

#17 – When is our anniversary?
J – January 15th

#18 – If I could go anywhere, where would it be?
J – sandy white beaches and clear waters (I just want to be on a pretty beach with warm water!)

#19 – What is your favorite thing about me?
J – the way you care for me, and the way I see you look at me.  Also, the amount of fun we have together.