Tuesday Tunes


Taylor Swift premiered her new video for the song “Out of the Woods” on New Years Eve and I was lucky enough to have a friend tell me so I could catch it.  It is amazing.  I wasn’t quite sure about the song at first, but after hearing it a few times I really do love it.   The video is stunning visually, and of course she nails it vocally.  Can she do any wrong music wise?

Enjoy it!

Guilty Pleasure Music

Does anyone have a song that they honestly would be ashamed to admit they know and love?  I have several, but I am so not ashamed to admit it!   While country music has my heart first, I have some other hidden loves!

  • Metallica – from Enter Sandman to Whiskey in the Jar.  They are a throwback to high school for me when Matt and I would ride anywhere with his best friend Randy.  There was ALWAYS a Metallica tape (or CD) playing.
  • Eminem – why yes I can rap with Eminem, can’t everyone?  Lose yourself is one of my all time favorite songs.  Also, Dr. Drew with Eminem “Forgot about Dre” – classic.  Yes please.
  • Flo-rida – Going Down for Real.  I have no idea why I love this song, but the version with Ludacris rapping – love, love, love.  I actually like a good bit of what he does.
  • Korn – Falling Away from Me.  I used to hate this music that Matt always listened to when we lived in San Diego, now I listen to it when I am just in a pissed off mood.  Alternatively, I listened to Korn and Rage Against the Machine, and P.O.D. before I played softball games as my pump up music!

What’s your favorite music to jam to, or a song you are secretly addicted to?

I leave you with one of my favorite “hits” from 2012.  Total guilty pleasure song.

January Goals

Its good to have goals, don’t you think?  Everyone always has a long-term new years resolution, but I am going to break it down into short term stuff – one month at a time.  Baby steps seem to work best.



  • Find a sunday school class to join at Shandon.  I really enjoy the service each week, and I am ready to take the next step and join a Sunday School class.  I remember that the “village” that was my parents Sunday School class, and how much they enjoyed each others company.  I want that in my life.
  • Drink water at work.  Water and coffee.  No soda (exception to this would be lunch out).  So far, so good.  It also helps that I don’t carry cash and never have enough change for the drink machine downstairs!



  •  Comment on 10 other blogs per day.  Bloggers love comments.  This is a  step up from my original goal of 5 per day.  I think reaching out to 10 other bloggers daily will help me in a way, and also – did I mention bloggers love comments?
  • Plan out drafts for posts, this will help me when I go to write and think “what did I want to write about?”
  • Schedule 3 posts per week.  Scheduling posts is my lifesaver.  I work fulltime, so I don’t have time to sign in and hit “publish” when I want a blog post to go live.  I just schedule them ahead of time, no worries – easy peasy!
  • Tweet more – this has been an easy thing to do.  Replying to other users, sending new tweets.  I try to do at least 5 per day.
  • Instagram more – this has also been super easy.  Work, Life and my kids have given me plenty of material along with silly quotes and funny memes.

We will check back in at months end to see how I did on my monthly goals!


Oil of the Month!


One of the things that my team leader has challenged us to do in 2016 is start an “Oil of the Month” club. For February, I have decided to feature Orange! It is such a versatile oil, with so many uses!

For $20 – you get a 15ml bottle of Young Living Orange oil, a guide with uses, and other fun items to go with your oil shipped to your door! No monthly obligation, just do it when you’d like to!

One of my favorite uses for orange is diffusing it with cedarwood for relaxation. This is one of my go-to oils for helping me relax at night to sleep.  I also love adding it to my water in the morning,  to kick it up a notch and add flavor without using the sugary drink mixes.

Let me know if you are interested by commenting or sending me an email!  vannfamily4@gmail.com


3 things I’m loving…

Currently loving a few new things that I thought I would share with you!

  1.  Country music – I am loving 3 songs:  Home Alone Tonight – Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild.  LOVE this.  Its so catchy, and I love the lyrics “well go shot for shot for shot” (you have to hear it, it sounds cool).  Also, “Confessions” by Florida-Georgia Line – love it!   Lastly, Kacey Musgraves “Biscuits”.  With the title like that, you know its country – but – it is priceless.  She is an amazing artist in every way from her songwriting to her singing.


c6890cfe8794c3160295ce5cb56bf6882.  The wristlet wallet that my brother & sister in law gave me for Christmas.  It is from Natural Life, a company based out of Jacksonville (Ponte Vedra Beach) Florida.  It is perfect for me, and on the side it says “Be the Change you wish to see”.  It has roomy pockets, slots of credit & store cards, and a zipper pouch in the middle. It even fit my cell phone on a recent trip to the grocery store.   Perfect to start 2016 with a new wallet (cause my old one was falling apart!) and being able to see that little mantra daily.    You can find more at:  https://www.naturallife.com/


3.   Our church.  I finally found a church that I really enjoy going to.  We went for their big Christmas service, and I have been twice on Sunday (once with the kids, once without).  God hit me between the eyes with both sermons those 2 Sundays.  I mean seriously, neither could have come at a better time in my life.  The second one was about forgiveness.  Forgiving others who have wronged us, not because they were right – but because our own hearts need to be released from that burden.  WOW – could not have come at a better time in my life when I am struggling to forgive someone for some things that happened in the fall.  The music at the modern worship service that I go to is on point.  Upbeat, uplifting and I enjoy it.  The kids LOVED their Sunday School classes & kids worship.  Next Sunday I plan on finding a Sunday School class to join, and learning more about Wednesday night services & classes.  Shandon Baptist – I’m glad I found you.

Make & Take Monday!

I will be hosting a Mom’s day make & take on January 24th from 2-5 at my home in Lexington.  The holidays are over, and school is back into swing – and we moms deserve a little break!   We will be making some fun items with Young Living essential oils, as well as learning about how essential oils can become a part of your families daily life!   Oils have improved the lives of my children and I over the last few months, and I love sharing that goodness with others!

On the plan for that day will be:

  1. For Moms:  a clay mask with ylang-ylang 
  2. For Moms:  a peppermint foot soak OR a stress-away bath soak.
  3. For Moms & Kids:  detangling spray with ylang-ylang

There will be goodies to take home, and yummies to snack on while you learn!    We will also be talking about our oil of the month club – which will begin in February!  Our first oil up on that list is Orange, one of my families favorites for a variety of reasons!

If you are interested, please let me know so I can make sure I have enough supplies on hand!   



Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy who turns 9 today!  It seems like just yesterday I was praying “please don’t let me have this baby on Christmas” and you decided that was fine, you would be late!   You are such an amazing brother to your sisters, so protective (most of the time), loving and caring.  I hope you always love trains, and have a sense of adventure.  I love you buggy!