Life lately…

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So now that everyone is all caught up on Jordan’s birth story, here’s what is going on with the other 3 kiddos who have my heart!

Katie’s senior year is winding down and prom is this weekend!  She also has senior skip day on the 5th, which she asked us permission to do by showing us a power point presentation on why she should be allowed to do it.  In reality, she is missing 3 classes only.  Her 2 college classes don’t meet on Friday (so she doesn’t start until 11am and she gets out at 2:10).  We granted her permission – such terrible parents we are….haha!    She brought home all her graduation supplies last week, including announcements, senior tshirt, tassels and even her cap & gown.  Her graduation is June 7th, and is coming up very quickly.   Next big event is prom, which is this coming weekend! 

Jonathan is doing great in band and in school, improving his struggling math grade (side note – mama & Jake are terrible at math!).   We did find out recently he will be rezoned into the new middle school here in town.  He recently found out that his band teacher from his current school would be moving to the new school, and he seems pretty excited about the move, despite the fact that he will be separated from some of his longtime friends.  The new school will put him with some more of his friends from his baseball team.   Speaking of baseball – that is in full swing, with Jake as his manager.  He has been doing fantastic at 2nd base, and his hitting has improved so much in the last few years.  I give Jake a lot of credit for his improvement, since he has been working with Jonathan a lot over the past 3 years.   

Last, but not least – Natalee!  She is doing great in school as always, and loves being able to be a car rider right now since I am on maternity leave.   She is still singing in the choir at school, and they have a concert coming up in a few weeks.  She has really enjoyed singing in choir, and I am super bummed that I missed her singing in the talent show at school (it was the night after I had Jordan).   We were able to get permission to have her remain at the school she is at now, versus going to the school our neighborhood is zoned for.  This makes me happy, as she has been there since 1st grade.  We love her school, and cannot imagine her going anywhere else for elementary.  


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