changing my mindset

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I saw something on Instagram a few weeks ago about changing your mindset to have a more grateful heart.

Last night when I was feeding & rocking Jordan, I got to thinking about it. I am struggling with returning to work next week. I mean hardcore, sobbing during every 4am feeding struggling. I carry the insurance for our family, we cannot live without my income – so going back to work isn’t something I can change.

What I can change is my mindset. I keep saying “I have to go back to work” and what I should be saying is “I get to go back to work”.  I have colleagues that so very generously donated their own sick leave to me to allow me to stay home with Jordan for almost 10 weeks, versus going back at 6.  I get to go back to a place that has given me so many opportunities in the last 5 years.  I get to go back to a job I really do enjoy, with coworkers that I adore.   I have a job, and that is more than some people can say.   Jordan gets to go to daycare, where she is going to make friends and learn so much.   Do I still feel guilty as hell – of course I do!  However, changing my mindset is hopefully going to help with that guilt.

What are some ways you can change your mindset?


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