Jordan’s Birth Story – Part 2

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You can see part one – here:   Jordan’s Birth Story – Part 1

On the 27th, we arrived at the hospital “bright and early”, and by bright and early I mean – it was pitch black outside and cold.  We had to be there by 6am.   The check in was a repeat of the day before, sign one paper, get a gown, get an IV.  It was mostly the same nurses as the day before (they do shift change at 7am, so we had both evening nurses and day nurses there).   Because this is a scheduled c-section now, some things go quicker.  I get some fancy booties, Jake gets scrubs and I get the normal monitors on my tummy to monitor contractions & Jordan’s heart rate.  They did have to wait a bit before everyone was there and ready to go go to the OR.   I had to sign some paperwork, go to the bathroom probably 30 times (thanks Jake for holding all the cords & IV stuff while I peed).   Then it was time to walk to the OR – which lets be honest, is slightly intimidating.

They get things set up, and I get up on the table (which I swear I’m going to fall off of because it’s so slim).  The anesthesiologist group gets there, and I’m prepped for my spinal.  This part didn’t really hurt, it did sting a bit.  The worst part was having to hug a pillow, and being told “once they get the spinal in, we are going to yank the pillow from you and get you laid on the table”.   Well, in my silly way of coping with stress, I said “oh I get it you are going to steal the pillow from me and throw me backwards!”.   Midway through I told my student nurse that I felt like I was suffocating.  I was holding her hand at the time (along with another student nurse), and my face was basically planted in the pillow.  I will never forget her little fingers inching their way up the pillow under my nose to make sure I felt like I could breathe.   A few minutes later, the spinal was in and I was laid down on the table.  My arms were then spread wide, but not strapped down.   I remember getting very cold, and then Jake came in.  The doctors both came in, and Dr. Castleberry put her phone by my head so I could hear the music she and I had decided on earlier (for the record, it was country – old country like the Judds).  I don’t remember many songs it played though, as I was talking to Jake and listening to the chatter in the room.  I felt like I was getting very sleepy, and they gave me an oxygen canula for my nose.  I started to shake from my shoulders up (everything below my shoulders was numb).

I’m not sure the time it took between the first cut and when they got her out, but it felt like forever.  Of course, in typical Jordan fashion – she came out butt first.  They held her up for me to see, and I remember being so incredibly relieved.  I feel like I asked Jake if she was crying because I didn’t hear her, I’m sure he assured me that she was fussing.  The nurse told him to come over to the other side of the room, so he could see her. He was able to take a photo of her for me to see.  I wish I had been able to see his face when he saw her for the first time!   She had taken in a lot of fluid, so they immediately suctioned her and then put her on a c-pap machine before taking her upstairs to the NICU.  They finished sewing me up (which also seemed like it took forever!), and I was off to recovery for a bit.

Recovery is an interesting place.  A transition nurse came and took Jake upstairs to show him where Jordan had been taken, and run him through the protocol for entering the NICU.   Erin (charge nurse) and my favorite student nurse Vallie came in and pushed on my uterus a lot to make sure I wasn’t passing any huge/abnormal clots.  Another nurse came in and basically milked my breasts of colostrum for Jordan.  When they are early, and in the NICU they will literally just swab the inside of the babies cheek with the colostrum/breastmilk to give the baby much needed nutrition.    I couldn’t tell you how long I was in there, but I remember Erin saying they kept us in recovery longer than normal because of the situation, and because they thought we were a fun couple.   Erin did tell me thank you (and made me cry) for letting the student nurses be a part of every piece of my admission/c-section/recovery/etc.

They wheeled me off to the “Nesting Place” where I proceeded to sleep a lot for the next 20 hours or so. When they first wheeled me to my room, I remember asking Erin “what do I do if I feel like I’m going to throw up”, and seemingly out of nowhere, Erin had grabbed a blue bag and stuck it under my mouth.  Sadly, I did indeed puke probably 8 more times that afternoon/evening – including right when my kids arrived to see me.    Jake was able to take Katie and his mom upstairs to see Jordan, while I was still stuck in bed with a catheter and an IV.   It wasn’t until  almost 24 hours after Jordan was born that they were able to remove the catheter, and I was able to be wheeled up to see Jordan in the NICU.


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