Jordan’s Birth Story – Part 1

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So this is going to be a multiple post story, because of the crazy that it all was.

It all started on 2-26 at 6am when we “reported” to the hospital for a scheduled inversion, followed up by an induction or c-section.  Backstory on an inversion – baby girl was transverse the day before (on the 25th) – laying sideways in my tummy with her head on the right and her feet to my left.  They got me checked in, got an IV started, set me up with a fabulous hospital gown and I got settled in.  They did an ultrasound to see where she was located, before proceeding with the inversion.  Turns out, her head was at the top of my uterus (basically, her head was between my boobs), and her feet were down below.  So, we proceeded with the inversion.

O.M.G – I do not recommend this to anyone – EVER – unless you are medicated heavily.  Apparently this was an option, but I do not remember anyone ever mentioning it to me.   My OB and another OB who was on rotation stood on either side of me, while my husband sat on my right and at least 5 nurses (3 students & 2 full time) watched.  There may have been more people, but I’m not sure too many more could have fit in the area of triage we were in.   My OB took her butt and the other OB took her head, and while she was still in my stomach they each pushed on her through my skin and rotated her.  This was the single most painful thing I have ever experienced, and that’s including giving birth 3 times before this.  Jake said he would have tapped out midway through, I was squeezing his hand so tight and was pushing myself off the bed.  It was awful.  One nurse kept reminding me to breathe, because apparently I was holding my breath.

After this was done, they did another ultrasound and she was head down and we could proceed with the induction!   Yay!  Baby day!   So I was moved to a labor & delivery room, and we got set up with our diffuser (hospital approved and encouraged!), and we took a few photos.  We were told they would come back in an hour or so and check her again to make sure she stayed in place, and then proceed with the induction.  An hour later, they brought in the portable ultrasound and she had turned enough to put her shoulder over my cervix and prevent the induction from starting.

At this point, the doctor comes in and explains that they had a few emergency c-sections scheduled and I would have to wait.  In front of Jake, a nurse and myself she said that at this point, it would be after 6pm before they could do my c-section and that I could wait if I wanted, or come back in the morning (or Thursday morning if I wanted my doctor to do the c-section).   Jake and I talked about it, and decided we had waited long enough, and we would keep waiting.  I had already come to terms that the c-section was happening, and I was ready to get it over with.  Regardless of our decision, I had to stay there for at least 4 hours after the inversion, to make sure I didn’t go into labor or my water breaks.   The doctor came in an hour or so later and said “the nurse told me you guys made a decision”, and we said yes, and told her that we were willing to wait.  She immediately said “oh you can’t wait” and “that wasn’t my intention to make you think you could do it today, you will have to come back tomorrow”.

I managed to hold it together until she left the room, and then just lost it.  I felt so defeated and the panic and anxiety were rising within me.  Once she walked out, I rolled onto my side absolutely sobbing, with my whole body shaking.  Jake crawled in bed with me and just held me, telling me it was going to be OK – we would have the baby tomorrow.  The nurse came in an hour or so later and took out my IV, all the monitors and I was able to get dressed.   We left the hospital and prepared ourselves to come back the next morning.

Continued tomorow…..

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