Happy Valentines Day!

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Saw this fun little “quiz” and thought it would make a fun blog post.

Relationship length: 3 years this past January
Married: 2 years in July.
Who’s older: Me
Age difference: 2 years and a few months
Who was interested first?  He says I reached out first (which I did), and I say he followed thru with keeping the communication going.
Who’s taller: Him.
Worst temper:  Probably him
Most sensitive: 🙋🏼‍♀️ – me totally!
Loudest:  Depends on the situation
Funniest:  both of us
Most stubborn:  Him (even though he’d say me)
Falls asleep first: 100% Jake.
Cooks better: S me
Better singer: Me!  But ask him someday to sing his rendition of Mercy (country song)
Most adventurous:  I think we are a good mix on this.
Most organized?  Me
Dresses the nicest:  We are about 50/50 on this one.
Most protective:  He is protective of me and the kids for sure.
Best driver:  I’m going to say me, and just let the 2 accidents Jake had the first 2 years we were together speak for themselves.
Has the most clothes: Him.  His t-shirt and polo collection alone equals more than my own clothing.
Most competitive:  Equal on this for sure!

Photo taken week before our 1st Valentines Day together.

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