things not to say or do

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So I am roughly 7 months pregnant, with what seems like a few short weeks to go (about 10 now).   There are some things that people have said to me that have left me shaking my head.  And others that have made me want to run away crying.   There is something about seeing a pregnant woman that makes people completely lose their filter.

1 – Your birth story.  Don’t just volunteer that information.  Only tell me if I ask.  Medicine has changed so much in just the last few years, even things that happened when I was pregnant with Natalee 10 years ago are totally obsolete.

2 – Don’t tell me how big I am, how big I’m getting, etc.   “You’re getting so big” stopped being a compliment when I was 6 years old.   Instead say to a pregnant lady “here, have some XXXXX” (insert whatever she is craving).

3 – Don’t touch my stomach.  I am not a petting zoo or a lab experiment.  If you ask, chances are I will let you, however if I say no, please don’t take offense.  I have severe eczema at times, and there are times that I feel like my skin is on fire and I don’t even want my clothes touching it.  But then again, running around naked is frowned upon.

4 – Don’t ask me “are you having twins” or “are you sure there is only one in there?”   Literally, shut your face.  Whether it’s kid #1 or kid #4 – I am confident there is only 1 in there.

5 – Going back to #2, I am not a size 2, hell I’m not even a size 10.  However, telling me “oh I got back to my pre pregnancy size in 5 weeks” is NOT helpful information.  I’m super happy for you, but peoples bodies are NOT all the same.  For your information, I have only gained 6 lbs this entire pregnancy – which my doctor explained means I’m losing weight elsewhere as baby girl grows.  So, again – shut your face.


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