the one about meatloaf

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My sister in law & brother gifted me the Magnolia Table cookbook by Joanna Gaines for Christmas.   I was drooling as I was flipping through the pages, picking out things I knew for sure we had to make.  Jake did the same thing, and actually picked the first recipe!  All the recipes are relatively simple, and she mentions specific national brands of things to use (Hellman’s & Pillsbury are both mentioned in different recipes).   We decided to pick one recipe at a time to have each week, and cook them together if possible.

The first one we picked was Meatloaf.  Seems simple enough, but this isn’t your mama’s meatloaf – not at all.  It started with saucing chopped onions in butter until they were translucent, then adding it to the mixture of spices, ground beef, saltines and egg.  Oh and cheese!  We used a Pampered Chef stoneware pan that I have had for years, but rarely use to make it.   It was out of this world delicious.   We only made 1 tiny change to the recipe, that really had no effect on the outcome or the taste.   The recipe calls for putting ketchup on the top, which usually has a high sugar content.  We had some leftover tomato sauce from the recipe, so we just poured some of that on top.  We did have to cook it longer than the recipe indicates, which I attribute to using the stoneware pan.  The stoneware pan made it crisp up on the sides & ends (I ate the end piece!) and it was so delicious!

I’m obviously not a food photographer, so hopefully these pictures give you a general idea of how the process went!   We actually made patty melts on Sunday with the leftovers and some rye bread and they were also so yummy!


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