that’s not a real number

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So two weekends ago, Jake and I packed up and drove to Michigan.  Yes, drove.  We left as soon as we dropped the girls off at school, and started an epic road trip.   First, let me say what a trooper my husband is, because 14 hours of driving on Friday only to turn around and drive home on Monday is enough to make anyone sick.   While he did get sick 2 days after we got home, he got us up there and back safely!   Only two mild panic moments from me, once when we hit the tunnels of NC and once when we hit this ridiculous bridge in Cincinnati (that town is something else to drive thru!).

So we knew going up there, the potential for snow was high, as was the potential for temperatures I have never seen in real life.  Friday we got there, and it was hovering around 18.  Ok I thought, this is fine – I’ve done 18 before (didn’t want to think about the windchill).  Our baby shower was on Saturday morning, and we woke up to snow on the ground and temperatures hovering around 8.  Again, did not want to think about the wind chill.   Saturday morning Jake went out in his carhart bibs, jackets, gloves and hats and ran the snow blower around the driveway.   I managed to get dressed and go out to take photos.  Let’s just say it took longer to get dressed to go out, than it did for me to stay out and take photos.   The baby shower was wonderful.  Baby girl got spoiled, and we got so much love from family that we hadn’t seen in over a year (since our wedding).

Sunday Jake had talked about going to Ann Arbor, to go to the Bo Store (Michigan Wolverines thing), and to go to Zingerman’s deli.  Wake up and look at the temperature and immediately started laughing – it was -8.  NEGATIVE EIGHT.   That’s not a real thing, nope – it’s not that cold out.   Fake news, I reject this.   So we bundled up with our coats, gloves and hats – and my heated car blanket and set off for Ann Arbor.   It was SO cold, I’m quite sure I have never been that cold in my entire life.  We visited the store, and the deli and then headed for home – after a stop at the Twelve Oaks Mall and of course Meijer for Jake.  From what I can remember, it never got above 0 (zero), and the wind chills stayed in the low negative numbers.   We had dinner out that evening at a local place that Jake and I love, and immediately came home for couch snuggles and warmth!

Monday morning, we get up to leave.  The temperature is now -11.  Again, what the hell.   Everyone kept saying it hadn’t been that cold there since February 2018, and that they had so far had a mild winter.  It was in the 50’s just a few days prior!   The truck had been parked in the garage all weekend.  Midway through Ohio, Jake went to  use the windshield wiper fluid and nothing happened.  We were almost all the way through Tenneesee (3.5 states from where we left from) before it thawed enough to come out of the sprayers.  We kept laughing and laughing about it, because what else can you do?  We had even poured 2 cups of hot water into it to try and help it thaw.  It didn’t help that it was in the negative numbers or hovering around 0 the entire way home.  By the time we got into SC, I was so excited to see 20 degrees and then 30 degrees!

I’m glad we went, but I am not sure I will be doing the trip in the winter anytime soon!   Photo below taken in my mother in law’s front yard in front of my favorite trees (that look so beautiful in the snow!).   It was 4* when this was taken, and again – not even sure I want to know the windchill.  It was a very quick photo op!

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