Never Have I ever….

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I saw one of those “never have I ever” bingo things on facebook recently, and thought it would be fun to share here!

Didn’t get a true “bingo” at all, but it was fun to see what I have done.   We used to ride horses off and on growing up at a church friends home.  I did once fall asleep in art history class in college.  The teacher was in her late 70’s and had a very monotone voice.  She would turn off the lights and show slides, meanwhile my assigned seat was in the corner against the wall with my back against the radiator.  Needless to say, when it was winter – i fell asleep once or twice.   I have traveled “abroad” to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip and I have also been to Mexico and Canada.   I had food poisoning when I was pregnant with Katie, and it was horrific.  I had it again 14 years later when my husband (now my ex husband) made sausage.  My son to this day refuses to eat sausage because of this!   I like most teens, had braces in high school!

I have been in an ambulance twice – each time because Natalee was being transported to the children’s hospital.  Once when she was diagnosed with RSV and required hospitalization that our local hospital didn’t have, and the 2nd time when she was transported due to a febrile seizure.   I’m 99% sure everyone in life has broken their phone before, or at least their phone screen (chances are Jake is going to say “I have never done that).  Of course I’ve kissed someone, haven’t you?   Failed a test – sure have, several times.  Been on TV – yes in fact!  Growing up, we played “extras” in several movies including JFK and Miss Rose White.   I play the piano, and I have played in the rain (on purpose and not on purpose both).  And almost died – unfortunately when I was giving birth to Katie, the doctors made Matt make the decision who he would like the doctors to “save”, because I was slipping in and out of consciousness due to my heart rate bottoming out.

What are some things you have done, or never done?

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