December is busy.

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It’s only the 7th day of December and I already feel like it is flying by.  At work, it’s the last week of classes and then exams start on Sunday.  I feel like things are about to get real crazy, real quick.

We have a department holiday party coming up, and I am taking meatballs.   I found a recipe for Cranberry BBQ Meatballs from The Chunky Chef, and I am sitting here drooling looking at the recipe.  I wanted something that was easily cleanup (hello crockpot liners!), and was an easy to eat party food.    Three ingredients and maybe 10 minutes of prep time – yep, I’m sold!   Also wanted something simple in case I buy all the ingredients, and we end up with weird winter weather that prevents us from going to the party.   Yes, SC is expecting weird winter weather this weekend.  Granted, I’ll believe it when I see it, since it was 70 on Sunday and Monday of this week.

We also have an annual family reunion at my uncle’s church for all my moms siblings (7 of them total), and their kids/grand kids.   It is always fun, because we typically only see this side of the family once a year.  We weren’t able to make it last year, so we are going up on a Friday to stay with my mom, attending the party on Saturday and then going back to moms for the night.  She wants to make cookies with the kids (and us) on Saturday afternoon/evening.   Later in the month we’ll head back to moms for actual Christmas stuff and my birthday!   This is something we have gotten to do every year since the kids and I moved to SC.  They live so close (5ish hours), that I want to try to get there as much as possible.   I cannot wait for birthday dinner this year, because this girl wants her seafood!   I’m bummed because one of our favorite places to eat was torn down due to extensive hurricane damage, so we’ll have to find somewhere else to go.

After that week, its my last week of work, and my kids last week of school for 2018.   I have the dreaded glucose test later this month too.  I am looking forward to having one glorious week off work, with no alarms (for me), and no rushing to get kids to school on time!

What does your December look like?

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