Chaos and patience

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To say things have been chaotic in our house is an understatement.   When Hurricane Michael Blew through, it brought rain and wind on a Thursday.  The next evening Jake and I were going to bed, and he asked me if the floor felt wet on his side of the bed.  I sort of dismissed it because he had just gotten out of the shower, but I went around to his side and felt the floor.  It felt cold – and a little damp  -but not wet.  So I asked him to move the nightstand, so I could feel closer to the wall.  He moved his nightstand and I pressed my fingers into the indention in the carpet – soaking wet.  I quickly ran to my side of the bed and felt under the bed, yep, wet.  An Ulta circular that I had been reading a few nights before that had fallen under the bed was damp to the touch.   I quickly pulled out the items under our bed, including an antique bed frame that belonged to my children’s great grandmother.  Luckily, it was not damaged.

We decide we cannot do anything that night and go to bed.  The next morning, we begin the task of moving the mattresses of our king sized bed, and then the bed frame.  My husband pulled back the carpet and our worst fears were realized.  The floor was soaked out a good 2 foot and seemed to be isolated to under our bed, which was why we never realized it before.  We then moved the dressers, bed frame, mattresses, nightstands to the room that we were supposed to be prepping for baby girl.  The cedar chest and lounge chair were pushed into the bathroom.  He then kicked me out of the room as he realized that the carpet padding was moldy.  He ripped up all the carpet, padding and threw it out the window (easiest way to get it downstairs!).  He then began cutting away the drywall trying to decide where it was leaking from.  In doing so, we discovered some of the studs were rotten from continued water exposure.  At this point I’m pissed because our inspector never noticed anything, but then again – neither did we.  There was no damage to the drywall that we could see, or the carpet.

To contain this post some, Jake cut out a portion of the sub-floor that was rotten.  It was so rotten in a spot that was under our bed, that we are surprised that the bed hadn’t sunk into the floor.  It also helped explain why since we moved into that house, I cough and wake up stuffy every morning.  The worst of the sub-floor and wall damage was right behind and under my side of the bed.

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit for the weekend and they were able to replace the rotting studs & floor piece, as well as the rotting sub-floor.  Mama also helped cut the drywall straight from where Jake had just ripped it out.  Hopefully within the next 2 weeks we can get someone in to fix it (based on a chimney inspection from last year we *think* we know where the damage is coming from), for a reasonable amount of money.  We aren’t made of money, and are still in some ways playing catch up from when Jake was out of work all summer.  I just want our bedroom back too because we are on the “downhill” slide towards when baby girl arrives, and we have NOTHING set up for her.  Her room still needs painted, her crib put together and I just want things set and done so I’m not scrambling last minute!



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