(nearly) two months later….

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Have you ever seen Spongebob the cartoon, when they fast forward time they say something like “five minutes later….” in a weird voice.  Imagine me saying “two months later” in a semi weird voice – because that’s how I feel about this blog.

I write constantly in my head, almost daily.  When I am in the shower, or on my commute to and from work.  I don’t know why other than just being busy that I struggle with getting the words out of my head, to my fingers, to the keys on this keyboard – I just do.   I think every blogger goes through this.  I worry that “no one is reading that”, and “wouldn’t it be easier to just let go” – and every other self doubt that hits me at least once a week.

A little update on our lives the last month and a half or so..

Kids – Katie is doing great in her senior year, and just finished up submitting multiple college applications last week.  I am so proud of her!!  It was a stressful time for her I’m sure, but I cannot wait to see the acceptance letters roll in.    Jonathan seems to love middle school so far, and learning the trombone for his instrument.  I will admit that I was a little worried that he wouldn’t take to learning music easily, but he has proved me wrong and can currently play the Star Wars Imperial March.   Natalee is doing fantastic in school, and recently completed 35 laps in her schools boosterthon fun run.  She is also thriving in her new afterschool program.

Jake – going back to why Natalee is now in an afterschool program……….Jake found a job!   He works at a local country club at their golf course and so far seems to enjoy it.  He spends most days completely outdoors, on a lawn mower.  He says “I get to work, put my ear buds in, mow grass and no one bothers me – it’s great”.   I know the winter months he won’t have all that mowing to do, so we’ll see what else he learns about or remembers from past golf course jobs.   The golf tour season came to a close, and he did not compete anymore.  The one tournament he was scheduled to play in was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence.  So, now he is playing a lot of golf (free rounds are a perk of the job), and working on his game in preparation for next season which begins in March.

As for me – working everyday, getting into the ebbs and flows of the semester.  I am 19 weeks pregnant now, and baby girl is growing bigger daily.  I do feel her kicks and rolls, especially at night when I’m laying still.   We have another appointment tomorrow, and another ultrasound next week for her anatomy scan, to make sure all is well.  In addition, we are having a fetal echo done in November to check her heart – which is necessary due to my congenital heart defect.

I am making a conscious effort to do better at this blog thing….even if it’s just me getting the words out of my head.

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