is this thing on?

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tap, tap, tap….is this thing on?

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I wrote, but believe me I have a very good reason!    July and August were whirlwind months

around our house, with the kids visiting their grandparents, golf tournaments for Jake, all the back to school prep and our biggest news of all….

well hello little one!    I have publicly shared our struggle to get pregnant with one of our own, and vented how people are just so nonchalant about saying things like “well at least you already have kids” or “just relax and it will happen”.  All those things are NOT helpful to someone who feels like everyone around them is getting pregnant but them.

Well, in June I decided that I wasn’t going to do the temping, or the OPK tests, or anything.  We were just going to have fun, and not have any expectations or put pressure on ourselves.  (you in the back there saying “i told you so” – shut your face).

Around the middle of July, when my monthly was expected it didn’t come.  I cautiously peed on a stick and then walked away. Came back and thought I saw a faint line.  I asked Jake to toss me my phone upstairs, and I immediately sent a photo to my cousin and 2 friends that I have a group text going with.   “is this a line, or am I making things up?”.    Cousin responds “that’s totally a line, but retest tomorrow to be sure”.   I went downstairs to Jake who had just made dinner and tried to act calm – meanwhile inside I was freaking the heck out.   He came upstairs later, and I was trying to think of a witty way to tell him.  Instead I held the test up and said “so it’s got 2 lines” and then I dropped it on the floor.  As I’m trying to pick it up, he said “ok, it always has 2 lines” (he was thinking I was holding an ovulation test stick).  I was like no “this is the real thing”.  His eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, and after some hugs and kisses – he said “when can we have it verified by a man in a white coat”.   I took a test the next morning, and one a few mornings later – and that line got darker and darker.   We had our 1st appointment on July 30th (with a woman in a white coat!) and after an ultrasound (and a very uncooperative uterus) – they determined that my due date is March 18th.   We had genetic testing and another ultrasound (photo above is from yesterday), and we actually can find out gender in 2 weeks from that blood test yesterday!  Sure beats having to wait until 20 weeks like I did with my other 3!

The kids are excited, and they all want a boy – and truth me told, I think we are all hoping for a boy!  Jonathan says there are too many girls in his life (he has 3 sisters between our house and his dads) and all the pets are girls too!     I’m sure I will be posting more, but for now….the new hashtag of our life (besides #TeamCarey) is #CareyPartyof6.


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