back to school

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The kids have been back in school since August 21st and I think by now we are mostly in a good routine.  Katie of course drives herself to and from school, Jonathan rides the bus and Jake drops off/picks up Natalee daily.  Natalee gets that privileged as she is on “school of choice”, going to a school outside of the one our neighborhood is zoned for.  She was able to stay at the school she has been at since 1st grade!   Jonathan rides the bus because he is now in middle school!   He is taking band, and we recently had to go rent a trombone as that is the instrument he has chosen to play!   Natalee has decided to join the chorus, and is a little nervous but I think she will do great!   Katie is in the depths of trying to figure out colleges, scholarships and all that stuff that comes with being a senior.


I think this year will be a good one for them.  Learning new things, and getting to spread their wings a little with extracurricular activities!

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