TBT: 20 years, really?

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So, thanks to a handful of friends from high school who decided to celebrate this milestone publicly yesterday – it has come to my attention that I graduated high school 20 years ago.


Let that sink in for a minute – holy crap.  Our class is actually planning our 20th reunion for the fall, to include a family friendly tailgate at a Friday night football game, and then an event on Saturday evening.  I don’t feel “old” – my students may think I’m ancient, because technically speaking I’m old enough to be the mother of some of my incoming freshman (gasp!)..    Working with college kids has a way of making you feel younger – they have a great energy most days, so that helps.

So…here is a lil’ throw back from back in the day!

This was playing putt-putt golf in Myrtle Beach on “beach week” the week after graduation.


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