Five for Friday – EO’s!

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It is 7pm on a Friday, and what am I doing?  Writing a blog post…because well, I can.   I haven’t’ done a 5 for Friday (5-4-F) in a long time, so I thought I would do a 5 for Friday today all about essential oils.

Here are my top 5 Young Living Essential Oils & EO Products!

Frankincense EO – “frank”, “jesus oil”, “THE oil” – this stuff is amazing.  I use it for so many things!   I sometimes put it in my diffuser at night to help me sleep, I have used it on some acne scars on my face to lighten them – and I have even just put a dab or two on as a perfume.

Stress Away EO – happiness in a bottle – smells like vanilla and lime to me, and it does exactly what the label says!  I diffuse it when my mind won’t stop racing and I need to just “chill”.  We also have this in a roller, and I keep one on my desk at work!

Valor EO – Valor oh Valor, you were my gateway drug….kidding, sort of.  This was the 1st oil I ever got, and my friend gifted me some to see if it would help me relax some during a super stressful & anxiety filled part of my life.  Boy did it ever!  I keep this in a roller on my desk at work too, and I happily allow my graduate students a “swipe or two” on their wrists before big presentations or dissertation defenses!

Sulfurzyme Supplement – This is a new one that I have only been taking for 2 weeks.  It is a supplement, full of amazingness.   I mainly got this because of all the testimonials I have seen from friends in my upline & my downline about how it helps strengthen hair and nails, and can even help regrow hair (I’ve seen photos from friends, it’s amazing!).  In 2 weeks I do feel as if my nails are stronger, as I haven’t broken a single one in 2 weeks!  Before it was a daily “curse” to have one break or split.  Jake also takes this one!

Orange Blossom Face Wash  – I bought a bottle of this 6 months ago and I am just now about to use the last little bit, and I use it everyday in the shower.   I mix it and put it in a foamer bottle, and it lasts forever!   It smells divine and leaves my face clean and soft, especially since I have such an oily “t-zone”!

What are your favorite products?   If you’d like to know more about essential oils and other oils products, let me know – I am happy to discuss any of them.  You can also visit my website at:

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