Life Under Par – he’s doing what?

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Someone asked me the other day how everything was going at home.  This person knew of Jake’s job loss, and seemed genuinely concerned about how everything was going.  Since everything happened a month ago, no one seems to believe us when we say we are doing great.   But I promise you we are.  When she asked what he was doing, and I said “he is being a stay at home dad currently, while pursuing a professional golf career.”  I’m not lying, he really is doing this.   She slowly turned to me and gave me this look of concern, fear and maybe a little disbelief.  She said “well that is an interesting job choice.”  I laughed it off, but it still stung a little.   I don’t tell many people what he is up to, because people are so insanely judgmental.  This is his dream, and I told him that he would regret it forever if he didn’t take a chance to pursue it.   Who am I to hold him back from his dream?   He wouldn’t hold me back from mine!

I don’t expect people to understand the journey that Jake and I have decided to take on.  Financially we are fine, and will be fine.  The kids are taken care of, we have health insurance, we have a roof over our heads, vehicles, insurance, etc, etc, etc.  We are good, I promise (although, I wouldn’t turn down a tournament sponsor…LOL).   I do however, ask that people respect the decisions we are making.  Jake is so excited about this possibility, as am I.  We have goals – big, scary, life changing goals – and I am so stoked about them.

We have his first tournament lined up, and he has several more rounds lined up this week to continue to prep.   We have equipment set, we have researched the course he is going to be playing at and I probably have done more research than is possibly needed.  He is the one doing the actual playing, and I’m in the background being the accountant, travel agent, nutritionist, nurse – and my most important role – a supportive wife.

So please do not pity us, or think that our life choices are crazy.  Our choices are just that – OURS.  Life isn’t meant to be boring, it is meant to be crazy, fun, silly and exciting.   So we are going to jump on this, take a chance and hopefully come in under par.


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