being the coaches wife

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As this season of baseball winds down – I am a mix of happy and sad.  I love watching Jonathan play ball, he has worked hard this season and has worked his way out of the outfield to playing 2nd base.  He is doing wonderful!  I love watching Jake coach.  It is something super special to watch your husband work his butt off with these kids, and he loves it.  Jonathan loves having him for a coach, and that bond between them is growing so strong.

But….I digress.  We have had some problems this season, and I’m happy for the season to be ending.   As the coaches wife, it is hard to sit in the stands (or in my chair), and do the score book, while parents all around you complain about coaching decisions.  Being a coach is never a perfect science – someone is always going to be unhappy.  We have more kids than positions, so we have to rotate the kids in and out.  Some weeks some kids will play every inning – it is a balance.  Especially when you have to remember pitch counts in weeks when you have 2 games.

Then you sometimes have to deal with the occasional “crazy mom” – every team has one.  The one who complains if the coach is even 1 minute late to practice (traffic happens, even when we leave in plenty of time), the one who refuses to participate in an anything (ie: working the scoreboard, snacks, etc).  Then there are the bleacher coaches, who despite the fact that we have 3 coaches on the field – they still think they should coach their kid from the bleachers (this actually happened, we had a dad calling pitches from behind the backstop before being called out by the ump).   People always want to complain, but never step up to watch to volunteer – they want someone else to do it.  They are also the ones who are going to complain the loudest.

We have been in this league since Jonathan was in tee-ball. I have been the team mom 5 seasons now, and Jake has coached for 2 seasons.  We want to become more active in the board, and look forward to many more evenings at the ball park – but for now, we are grateful for the summer break.


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