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Jake and I own a small business, we help people with health and wellness through Young Living Essential oils.   We love what we do, we love educating people.  We also know that we operate under a network marketing, and we do rely on social media in addition to word of mouth to grow our business.

We would not have a team of over 1000 men and women if we and our team wasn’t doing some things right.   We follow a lot of the network marketing “rules” that some of our Diamond leaders within Young Living put out.  They are so simple to follow, and in reality most networking businesses should follow the same rules.   There is the 1-4 rule.  That is for every 1 thing you post on facebook (twitter or instagram) about your business, you need to post 4 times about something unrelated.  Your kids, your pets, silly stuff, life in general.  And on those posts – do NOT tag your business or anything.   I have in the last 2 months “muted” people on facebook because of this (side note, the mute feature on facebook is amazing).   I want to see your kids, your pets, your yard and house, your trips and hell, I would even love to see what you cooked for dinner last night – I (and most people I know) do not want to see your business 24/7 shoved in our faces.

Other things not to do, that we experienced recently – facebook friend people you do not know!   Now, I am friends on facebook with friends of my husbands, that I have never met in real life.  We are simply friends because we have my husband in common (and he has made friends with my people too).   We recently had someone who is a connection of ours (and also runs a small business), go in and facebook friend request all sorts of people – from my former coworkers in athletics, to our daughter, to friends of Jake’s from Michigan.  Umm, nope.  We later found out about it, and it was handled (mostly because people hit that deny button).  Grow your business organically, not by these tactics.

Ok, off my soapbox!

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