baseball life.

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It is spring time again, which means we have baseball games and practices on our schedule again.  Not only do we have that, we actually had a coaches meeting at our house yesterday.  It was neat to listen to Jake and the other 2 coaches talk strategy.  You can tell by listening they love these kids, and love coaching.   With baseball games and practices comes late night dinners, fried pickles at the canteen (just to hold me the few hours), freezing hands and sunburned noses (depending on the time of the day).  We no longer have weekend games (with the exception of opening day), all our games are on week nights.  It is nice because it frees up the Saturday for family stuff, but it also means lots of meal planning, and working out the logistics of whose getting which kids when and how we can all make it there on time.

The day of our first game I was able to test out the new lens on my camera that daddy had given me at Christmas.  The parents seemed to appreciate the photos a lot, and I am happy I got so many good shots.  Here are a few of my favorites (Jonathan on 1st, Jonathan in left and Jake talking to one of our pitchers).


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