looking forward

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Now that I wrote a post about looking backwards at 2017, I am going to look forward to what is to come in 2017.   Some things that are coming up in January!

I am hosting a couple essential oils classes online – from Detoxing your Home, Earning an Accidental Paycheck and then an Oils in the Bedroom class.  If you want in on these classes (all free & from the comfort of your couch), let me know and I will get you the details.  The 1st is tonight and that is the Earning an Accidental Paycheck.  So excited, as this is the 1st time I am doing this class.  I am also completely stoked for the Oils in the Bedroom class, because I am going to get Jake to help me with that one (talk about oils for the men!).

I got an Insta-Pot for Christmas, so I plan on writing some about that!  I had a few friends that added me to their InstaPot facebook groups, and I am a mix of terrified and excited to use it.   I think I will do the water test and maybe make something simple like ribs on Saturday.  My friend CJ did this last night and posted about it on her InstaStory, and it seems simple enough!

I am also letting the teenager take over the blog, to do a review of some makeup products.  Look out world!  I am excited for her, because she loves makeup, so this is good fit for her!

Hope everyone’s holidays were wonderful – stay warm!


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