looking forward by looking back

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Hey y’all.  I have contemplated this post for quite some time.  I want to give my blog attention, I want to give my business attention and well – I have a husband and kids that also need attention.   I have poor time management skills, and I am not afraid to admit it.  I sometimes would rather mindlessly scroll instagram than to write out my thoughts.  Then my head gets all jumbled, and the thoughts fade and I wish I had written them down.

So, looking forward to 2018 while taking a glimpse back at 2017….

January 2017 – I did pretty good, 6 posts but mostly wedding stuff.  I feel like I can top that this month!

February 2017 – 6 posts again in February, but its a short month, so I have an excuse right?  The weather outside is downright rude, so enjoy this post from February 2017 where I talk about Disney!  

March 2017 – 8 posts.  I got a little deep on one, where I had to get out some things and direct them at my husbands ex-wife.  Bonus was, she read it and actually responded to me (via email).  Did I feel better – heck yes!  Was she pissed – a little.     This was also the month that we put in an offer on a house, we went to fire our realtor but he quit (apparently, I am not a nice person), and we hired our realtor Lisa who was amazing and became a great friend!

April 2017 – 8 posts again, clearly I did better at blogging last year than I thought I did.  My goal is seriously 10 posts a month, which to me is a solid goal.   April was a little crazy for us, and I talk about it a lot in this post:  Calming the Crazy and then we got a short break to spend Easter in NC at my parents house.  We tried a few new places and thoroughly enjoyed our time there;  A weekend away…..

May 2018 – at this point, I’m seriously impressed with myself – 8 posts again.   This was the month my sweet friend Sarah started guest blogging and talks about their adventures with the “Hardin’s Cook at Home” series.   I also took a moment to implore you to say their names on Memorial Day.

June 2018 – 9 posts, but mostly because Sarah was doing some awesome write ups about the home meal delivery programs.  Seriously, she is amazing ya’ll.  From Terra’s Kitchen to Blue Apron to Plated, she did a fabulous job detailing all the different options, along with some photos that make you want to lick the screen (because food…).

July 2017 life was CRAZY– I feel like when I went to look back at this month, it was going to be empty – this was the month we got married and with a capital C – but nope 14 posts.  I think I wrote probably half of these in advance, and most were about the wedding.   We did have one sad moment in July that simply could not be ignored which I talk about here in a story about Newnan.

August 2017 – Yay!  We are married, and preparing for football season and our honeymoon to Texas!  10 posts down and here I was thinking that I had slowed down that month!    I did a fun post (in the myspace list style) all about me and then of course wrote about life lately (not once, but twice)

September 2017 – 8 posts, and a few I pre-wrote.  I did pre-write the one about the Gameday in Dallas and then later in the month I wrote about a transition point in our lives that we were facing.

October 2017 – here is where the slack begins to the end of the year.  Only 5 posts in October and none of them are worth reposting.

November 2017 – Did I say slack until the end of the year, nope – 11 posts this month.  I poured my heart out in “the one about the BFN” and then did a bunch of posts for Swagbucks.

December 2017 – 2 posts – December was hard y’all, so hard.  We did battle with the home warranty people over our dishwasher, the washing machine decided to go on the fritz around Christmas.  It was rough.  But I did watch 1 whole season of The Crown in like 3 days, so it wasn’t too terrible.


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