TBT: Clearly Canadian

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So it all started with a facebook post from Jake’s high school friend JD.  He had found Clearly Canadian drinks, something I haven’t seen since high school.   He had all the flavors:  Country Peach, Wild Cherry,  Mountain Blackberry and Raspberry.  I was in awe, and wishing he could just ship me some – even if it was to just have a taste of each one and share with my kids.

Fast forward a few months, and we happened to be stopping in a shopping center that had World Market.  After following Jake and Jonathan around Best Buy & Petsmart, I decided that we were going to go to World Market (if mom has to be dragged into stores, they can return the favor).  I had remembered JD mentioning that he had heard about them being found in the World Market stores.

After browsing a few aisles, I made my way back to the food & beverage section (which is probably my favorite section of that store anyway).  We found them – by the bottle or by the case.  I quickly sent Jonathan to the truck for my purse, and I went off to find a basket.  We loaded up on 3 per flavor (except peach, because I remember hating that flavor) – and off to the register we went.  Later that night, we popped the first one open and sure enough, it tastes just like I remember.  Now if we could get companies to bring back Pudding Pops, I’d be pretty set.   I have been enjoying packing these lovely little drinks with my lunch this week!

What items would you like to see brought back?  Any childhood favorites that we could interest you in?


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