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It is hard to believe we are so far into fall.  The kids have settled into good routines with school, but us as parents on the other hand – yeah….we are working on it.  Throwing a honeymoon into the middle threw us off a bit, but we are catching back on quick.    Life has been good, although work has been stressful and busy.  We try to keep work at work as best we can, but sometimes it creeps into home life.   I did want to type out  a quick blog post to tell everyone, we are still here and kicking!  

We have hit our 1st home Carolina game, battled a cold (me), and babysat for friends.  We have plans to attend a few more Carolina games (we are season ticket holders), we took Katie to Biltmore & hopefully we can hit up a brewery and IKEA at some point this fall.  We need to get Katie a new bed frame, and get Jonathan one too (he is quickly outgrowing his loft bed).

It may be fall, but you know South Carolina – if we don’t hit 90 everyday until damn near the end of October it wouldn’t be normal.   Y’all know I love the hot weather – but I’m so ready to open the windows and air the house out a bit!    I would love to take the kids to pick pumpkins, but closer to Halloween.  I think carving pumpkins is so incredibly gross – but the kids love it – so I think I’ll leave that task to Jake!  

What is on tap for you this fall?   Cider Mills, breweries, pumpkin patches?  









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