just another manic monday

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Y’all – I swear I have the best of intentions to keep writing, but man life is just busy sometimes!   Before Jake and I started dating, I had a ton of time on Tuesdays/Wednesdays when the kids would go to their dads to write, go to the library and just work.  Then when we started dating, I wanted to spend the time with them – so the writing (and reading) fell by the wayside.  It actually is a long running joke between Jake and I about reading.  In the first few weeks we were dating, he would text me and ask me what I was doing.  An hour later, we’d still be texting (or chatting) and he would ask how the book was.  My standard line was “you know damn well I haven’t been reading”.  Yeah, life is still like that – although now we live in the same house and are married.  Our nights with the kids home are filled with dinner, homework, showers & bedtime routines.   The nights without the kids are spent cleaning up, going for walks and watching jeopardy nightly (yes, I still beat him at jeopardy most nights).    I love devoting my evenings to my husband and my kids.  I spend all day on a computer at work, and lots of times don’t want to turn one on when I get home.

I do try to get some posts up & scheduled.  I am trying to sort out who I am going to work with this holiday season.  Blogging has gotten slower than it once was in terms of sponsored postings.  I used to work with Best Buy a great deal, but that has since slowed down a lot.  I should be better about promoting my own business – and I have a plan to do that.   Its the execution that I am slacking on.

I have some posts scheduled out for this week, some wedding posts & some funny.  Now that I have gotten into a routine of packing my lunch, I can spend the lunch breaks locked in my office writing & working my business like I should.

So for now, know that I always have the best of intentions – and I’m a work in progress.


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