WW – the way he looks at me

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I was looking back through our wedding photos a few days ago, and I was struck (again) at some of them.  I have looked at them dozens of times, but one thing stands out in all of them:  The way that Jake looks at me.   He looks at me like I am the one person he has been waiting his whole life for and truth be told, there are some photos of me looking at him the same way.  He is, he is the man that I  wanted and what my heart needed.  He is the man that God led me to, in the right time and space.  For some looking at this photo he looks terrified…LOL – and I get it.  This was the moment they opened the doors and I started walking down the aisle.   He started tearing up and I had the biggest smile on my face (trying not to cry!).   I knew I was walking down that aisle to my best friend & the love of my life.
I’m so glad that you picked me Jake – I love you babe!

The way you look at me with that spark in your eyes shows me just how much you love me
and remind me of all the reasons I love you.

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