Tuesday Texas Tour

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So – we didnt exactly plan on visiting college campuses while we were in TX, it just sort of happened.  The 1st full day of our honeymoon we visited the George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum, which is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University (aka: SMU).  Well, we missed our 1st turn and ended up driving through campus and saw their athletics facilities.  So we decided that after visiting the museum we would drive back down there.

We ended up walking down to their football stadium, and was so surprised at how close we could get to it!   We then cut through the campus to get back to the car (if we were going to pay $8 for parking, we were going to use it up!).


On Sunday we decided to head to Fort Worth, and went to the Fort Worth stockyards, and while on that side of town we decided to hit up TCU – Texas Christian University.  Mainly because Jake thinks their mascot is pretty cool, they are the Horned Frogs.   This campus was also pretty open, and beautifully maintained.   We did hit up their bookstore, where I was surrounded by lots and lots of purple.  I guess its better than being surrounded by Tennessee orange or Michigan State green!    We did see a handful of student athletes, and were able to peek in the windows of their athletics center, where they have a huge Hall of Fame.  Kinda bummed that part was closed, as it looked really neat!


Lastly, we hit up Baylor.  This was one of those “if we are close to it we’ll go”.  Literally, you drive into Waco and BOOM its right there.  We went there on Tuesday evening after we left Magnolia.  We drove around campus a bit, and then wandered over to the stadium.  It is pretty big, but only has half of the capacity that Williams-Brice (at Carolina) has at roughly 45K.    They have a nice statue commemorating RGIII’s time at Baylor.  They also have what I think is one of the coolest tailgating features ever.  You can buy (for probably an insane amount of money) a “sail-gate” spot, where you can just dock your boat and come to the game.  What is this life?  This is awesome.   They have a “berm” on the one end of the stadium, which is probably their student section (I didn’t look this part up), and the stadium itself has the shape of a horseshoe, which being in Texas, seems appropriate.


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