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It has been awhile since I posted a recipe, so here is a throwback!

So the other day someone sent me this recipe for sauteed chicken breasts called “simple chicken”.  Checking out the ingredients list, I was thinking “there is no way this is simple chicken”.  Paprika, salt. pepper, garlic powder, cayenne.  If it has more than 4 ingredients, it isn’t really simple in my book and I love to cook.

Also, I am not even sure I have paprika at home anyway, and if I put cayenne in it the kids probably won’t eat it.  So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just “wing it”.   

I cut up the chicken into manageable pieces ( more like chicken tenders size).   Then I sprinkled greek seasoning all over it on both sides and set them in my saute pan with about 1 tsp of coconut oil.  I sauteed them under they were done, and then (ready for this?) poured 2 cups of heavy whipping cream (basically a pint of it) in the pan WITH the chicken and ALL the juices.  Put a lid on it, turn the head down and cook it for oh… another 8-10 minutes until the sauce thickened some.Then, you add a handful or so of Parmesan cheese to it, and let it cook down some more. It is okay if the cheese browns a bit, this makes it even more yummy!! 

 I chose to serve it over spaghetti noodles, with the chicken pieces & some of the sauce the first time I cooked it.   Now I make it normally with paprika and not greek seasoning – but either one would be good!  I also serve it with cous-cous and steamed peas. 





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