a transition point

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Jake and I have found ourselves in a bit of a quandary.  We love our church we currently attend and have attended for almost 2 years.  We love the services, the friends we have made in our Sunday School class and the overall atmosphere of the church.  However – we are not fond of our new pastor.   We know that with any transition such as this, that there are changes made and you have to give it time.  Our new pastor came around Easter of this year when our old pastor (who we loved) retired.  We have tried and tried, but find ourselves wanting to skip because we just don’t like the way he preaches.  Having been through several pastor transitions in my home church in VA, I know that some people will just “suck it up” because it is their home church and they don’t want to change.  We have adapted to some changes in regards to service times, the way that the children’s space is run – but we cannot get past the fact that we are just not fond of the pastor.   One of the other things that sits with us, is that our church is on the far side of the city – about 25 minutes away on a Sunday morning – but on a weekday evening – much more with traffic.  We are not able to do things in the evenings because by the time we got home from work to go there, it would be too late.  Leaving our jobs early is not an option.

However, the challenge in finding a new church is that Lexington has a lot of options, so so many in fact.  We want to be able to “plug in” to small groups, and Wednesday night suppers and be active in our church in a way that we cannot with our current church.  But we are faced with this scary prospect of “church shopping”.  We are fond of contemporary services with bands and praise music, and if you can wear jeans its a plus (in our minds, god doesn’t care what you wear, he cares you are there).   We have gotten a list together, and researched their websites.  We have listened to sermons & podcasts of different activities and our next step is just getting out there and going.

I guess in some ways I wanted to type this all out to “get it out” and ask that others pray for us in this transition.  It is hard to leave behind something, and maybe it is more so the people for us – we adore our Sunday school class.  While I guess it is possible to just go to that portion, and skip service – I feel like we would be doing ourselves a disservice.  And also, we would be unplugging ourselves from so many opportunities to mission to others.   I’d love to hear from others that have been in a similar position as us, so give me a shout if you have been through something similar.




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