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Eating – whatever is on the meal plan, we have been trying to stick to!   We do sometimes have to change things up, like Thursday night I had a ridiculous migraine, so Jake grabbed pizza and we had that for dinner.  Katie was babysitting on Friday night, so we did breakfast for dinner (brinner!)

Reading – I am reading Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story and let me tell you I am obsessed.  I fell in love with Detroit last year when Jake took me there, and the book is solidifying why I love this city so much.   I also have The Light Between Oceans to read on the plane next week if I finish the other book before then.

Watching –  Well, LivePD is off the air for a little while, the season finale was last weekend – so I’m not sure what we will do with our Friday & Saturday nights now.  Pretty soon Saturday nights will be all about college football, and we are pretty stoked about that!  We do have a few episodes left of America in Color, and then the series about First Ladies.  Also, we need to catch up on This Is Us before the series premiere later in September!

Shopping for typical back to school purchases, like glue sticks and dry erase markers were procured off   Also, on amazon I have recently purchased a garden flag, a flag pole for the mailbox, jewelry for the Michigan game and coffee creamer for work.   That amazon prime membership is getting a workout!   I also ordered Natalee a monogram for her clipboard off Etsy and Katie babysat for free twice to “earn” a Jeffrey Starr lipstick set she has been eyeing.  Jonathan will be getting new shoes soon (he wants some UnderArmor ones), so he hasn’t been left out!

Planning – meal planning now that school has started, along with finishing touches on our honeymoon!  It is less than 1 week away and I am so excited!

Listening – to Spotify, which is awesome.  I am music obsessed, that is well documented here on the blog.  I like it more than Pandora because it is uber-customizable!  I have a great mix of country, Christian, rap and rock all on here and unlimited skips!  (note; I do have the premium version, which is well worth it!)

Looking Forward to – well, our honeymoon next week obviously – but also, football season to start!  There are 3 seasons in our household, baseball season, football season and waiting for football or baseball season.

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