Life Lately.

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Now that all the wedding chaos has died down, we are gearing up for a few other things.  The kids dad gets married on Saturday, so that adds a little bit more fun to the kids lives.  Then Katie goes to a comic-con type thing in Indianapolis the week after that, then the week after that – is the solar eclipse and school starts!   For Jake and I things will wind down a bit once we get into the school routine.  Jonathan won’t be playing fall ball, as they don’t offer it for his age group (boo – I hate that!).   So, football games and school activities will be on tap and before you know it it will be Halloween.  But for now….I present, life lately.

Eating – grilled chicken and grilled veggies.  This has been my go to lunch since we bought our grill.  I got some little divided bento box containers that are perfect for our  lunches, so we use those a lot!

Reading – I just ordered “The Presidents House” from the library on campus, so I have that to start.  I have a few things on my kindle to read too.  I may hit the library this weekend to grab a few more books to read on my lunch breaks.  Hit me with your suggestions if you have any!

Watching – LivePD on Friday & Saturday nights, House of Cards on nights we don’t have the kids (we are nearing the end of Season 2).  We watch Jeopardy nearly every night.  We also have America in Color (we have made it from the 1920-1930’s) and Aerial America on the DVR, as well as 2 documentaries on the First Ladies of the United States, and another on Princess Diana.  

Shopping for – we have a few gift cards from the wedding to use, and a few gifts that were duplicates to exchange.  Our biggest purchase so far was a new laser level from Lowes, because – well, we like things to hang level in our house.   Now that the wedding is over, the wedding decor ordering has stopped – and soon Christmas shopping will begin.

Planning – our honeymoon!  Jake booked our rental car the other night, and we have a list going of places we want to see.  We don’t want to get there and have a rigid plan in place, but at least a loose plan of what we want to do each day.  Of course, Saturday of our honeymoon is dedicated to the Florida-Michigan football game.




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