growing a tribe

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Tribe – a distinctive close-knit group

You hear the word tribe so often in the blogging world – find your tribe, what tribe do you belong to?  Really, this can be applied to any group of people, not just within the blogging world.

My tribes have varied throughout my adult life. based on my age, where I’m living and really what’s going on in my life.  As I have gotten older my tribe seems to have settled into a core group of people and I can honestly say I’m happy with that.   I am always going to make friends, no matter where I go – but I think my core group of close-knit friends is going to remain the same for the rest of my life.

So often my tribes overlap (especially my oily-tribe & my Marine Corps tribe), more so as I get older and I become a little more choosy about who I keep close in my life.  I shy away from people who cause my anxiety to shoot up, and try to surround myself with positive people.  My Marine Corps “girlfriends” are one of my biggest tribes.  We share a common trait, we at one time or another were married (or are still married) to a U.S. Marine.  This is a bond that divorce or even death cannot break.   This group of girls have watched each other grow over the last 15 years, watched babies be born, marriages dissolve and military funerals happen.  We have supported each other when we were weak and we lifted each other when we fell.  This group of girls is something I am incredibly blessed to have in my life, and I cannot say that enough.

This last week, one of them started a post in the facebook group we share about how long we’d been a part of the group and how many of us have met in real life.   What followed was the most joyful, mood uplifting thing I have ever seen – post after post filled with photos of lunches and baby showers, movie nights and get-togethers.   Someone asked me “how do you feel knowing you started this all?”.   I honestly tear up when I think of it.   I started a little website for military families that i thought would last, at most – 6 months.  Much less still be there almost 15 years later.  While the main website has gone by the wayside, taken over by easier methods of social media – the bonds and friendships are there.

These girls, these amazing, wonderful women who are mothers, sisters, wives, and friends – these are my tribe, and with them I will grow.

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