Wedding Wednesday – Couples Shower!

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My friend and maid of honor Laura threw us a couples shower a few weeks ago at River Rat Brewery.  It was perfect, despite the gross weather (hello humidity!).  We were able to sip some yummy beer out of these adorable mugs she made us, visit with friends, play cards and just hang out.  We got some lovely gifts, and ate some delicious food – prosciutto wrapped melon maybe one of my favorite things now.

We tried to get some photos of that night, but the humidity turned most of the photos very hazy.   Memories of that night maybe hazy depending on how much you drank!   Also, this was the best out of the 3 photos of all of us – sorority squats and giggles.  Not sure why the girl who took the photo cut off some heads and insisted on getting all our feet!   Laura did a very cute “who was it” game where our friends had to choose who said or did what first – like “who initiated the first kiss” and “who paid for dinner on our first date”.  Both those questions led to some pretty hilarious stories – and lots and lots of laughter.   

We had a blast, and if you ever visit Columbia – River Rat is a must see!  Great atmosphere and good beer!


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