Thursday Tunes -the wedding edition

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We are having sort of a musical crisis in our wedding planning – so, I am taking to twitter and the blog to recruit some help!  We need songs for:

Garter Toss
When Jake takes off the garter
Cutting the Cake

I have appropriately picked to play parts of “Who Run the World” by Beyonce for when I toss the bouquet – because no wedding is complete without some Beyonce.  =)  

Jake and I have our song picked for our first dance, and I have picked a great Darius Rucker song for my daddy and I to dance to – some know what the songs are, for the rest of you – you will have to be at the wedding to hear!!   I am just excited to get to dance with everyone – I love a good party!   The song choices we have gotten back on the RSVP cards are great – ranging from the Wobble & Cha-Cha Slide to Prince and Frank Sinatra.  I think our last dance song of the night is Frank Sinatra – have to check with our DJ Ronny Lane to see if he has what we need.  

Picking songs has been a lot of fun.  I am music obsessed, and typically would rather have Pandora running than the TV while I am making dinner.  I mean, who really wants to hear about death and destruction while you are sauteing chicken?   

So give me your best suggestions for the above mentioned times!  

This post is sponsored by mine & Jake’s song…..

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