the dress….

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I have been waiting a long time to show off these photos!  My friend Allison takes the majority of our family photos, and I asked her to take my bridal portraits as well.  She did not disappoint!  Among her many talents are photography, cooking, hair & makeup.  There was no cooking involved this night, but she did my hair, makeup, and took photos.  Oh and she helped me into my dress because lord knows I cannot get into that corset and zip it up myself.

So after makeup & hair, and accompanied by my maid of honor Laura, my daughters Katie & Madison (one I birthed, one I did not..LOL) – we set off for the horseshoe on campus.  First let me explain that Allison and I go back a few years, a few breakups, makeups, mistakes, Criminal Minds episodes & stranger than fiction letters from prison (there are stories with all of these…ask us).  There was this one time she yelled at me for going on a date without telling her, in her words “because if you ended up in a dumpster with no eyelids, its your own fault for not telling someone where you were going” (and this is where Criminal Minds comes in).  She and I have a hard time being serious around each other, unless it is about work.  So these photos were genuinely hard to take, because I could not stop laughing or making silly faces.  

This photo to the left is one of my favorites.  She had just said something that made me laugh so hard and there was a squirrel sneaking up on me (we have photos of him too).  Apparently all squirrels have the same name, ask Allison about it sometime.  

The hydrangeas were a last minute Publix grocery store pick-up by Laura.  The jewelry (earrings & necklace) were a gift from my dear friend Melissa. Due to her job, she won’t be able to make it back to the United States for the wedding – so this is a way for me to have her close!   

You cannot tell, but I have my boots on and sand gnats kept landing on my eyelashes.  Every 4th photo is me making a face trying to blow them off my eyes.  The garden next to President & Mrs. Pastides home makes for a beautiful spot to take photos.  So much so that another bride passed by as we were taking photos there, and waited for us to finish up.    I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!




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