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There are 24 days until our wedding, and I feel like we have a thousand things going on.  We hopefully close on the house on the 14th (finally!).   We have packages arriving almost everyday from different vendors – UPS must love us!   We have a few more things to grab, just little things.  We have to have craft time soon – painting the decor, and putting some things together – OH and making bug spray because – outside + SC = mosquitoes!  

How was everyone’s 4th?  Ours was super quiet.  The kids went to their dads, and I had off.  Jake had to work as normal.  I went to Lowes, and attempted to fix the handle on our toilet.  Yep, was not successful – it would not fit in the hole!  Jake came home and it took him 3 minutes to fix what I couldn’t do.  We hung some stuff up in our bedroom and attempted to fix the ball-catch on our bathroom doors – don’t ask about that one, as it did not turn out well.  

The neighbors set off some fireworks, which was neat to see.  We just stood in the driveway and watched down the street, as many were doing it.  Maybe we will join in next summer!   Luckily for us, they stopped right around 10pm, so it didn’t sound like a war zone all night. 

Stay tuned for another blog post from Sarah Anne – she has been cooking up a storm this last week and everything looks so yummy!!   We are also going to build a bar this weekend with some pallets that Jake was able to snag from work.  So excited about this!   



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