July recommendations

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It has been a busy month around here, ya know – with that whole wedding thing happening in 2 days!  If you don’t know about that – welcome to the blog (more about the wedding this weekend).

Here are my recommendations for July!

Podcast – S-town
My coworker Abby told me about this, and I was obsessed!  It is 7 episodes, each about 1 hour long.  I typically listened to it on the way home from work.  I texted her one day and said “12 minutes into this podcast and I’m hooked”.  If you choose to listen to it, my one piece of advice is DO NOT GOOGLE anything about it until you are done listening. I am so glad I listened to that advice as I was able to form my own image in my head AND I didn’t get any spoilers while searching.

Eggs Up Grill
This is mine & Jake’s favorite Saturday morning breakfast spot.  We go every other Saturday, and have gotten to know the waitresses and managers.  Our pro-tip when visiting one, go get the app that allows you to put yourself in line and get a table faster (do this before you drive there).  It is a great place for breakfast and apparently they also serve lunch – but we’ve never gone for lunch!   They are open in Lexington from 6am to 2pm.  They have locations all over the southeastern part of the U.S.



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