Countdown to Carey

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Someone asked me the other day if I was nervous about getting married.  Not about the getting married part – I’m nervous about the weather honestly.  Right now the 10 day forecast shows a 50% chance of rain in the days leading up to the ceremony.  I know this is SC, it is going to change eleventy-billion times before then!  

I think I am more nervous about the boatload of paperwork required to change my name afterwards, so many places and things to remember!   Thank goodness for pinterest and a lovely little checklist!  Unofficially (ie: work email & facebook) my name will change the Sunday after we get married, officially I am waiting until September and the kids start school to change everything.  I was more worried about getting all the paperwork back before our honeymoon flights, so it seemed easier to just keep the legal papers as Vann until then.  Less hassle with Delta – the better!

This countdown has been on for a long time, and I cannot believe that as of right now (as I’m writing this) we are less than 10 days away!  Single digits people!  I swear just yesterday I was writing “75 days” on the little chalkboard countdown we have on the fridge at home!   

I cannot wait to become a Jake’s wife!

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