Wedding Wednesday – Food!

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The food, oh the food.  We knew we wanted a good southern BBQ.  Chopped pork BBQ, green beans (cooked with ham hocks of course) and mac & cheese!   We did some intense research on the subject, which led to full bellies and some “oh my gawd we need to come back here” statements.

Here is where we tried:

Shealy’s BBQ – this place is amazing, and well worth the drive to Batesburg-Leesville!   Its a buffet and apparently the line to get in can get a little long sometimes.  We were both fully stuffed after this, but did try to make room to taste all 4 desserts they had.   I think I posted on facebook to “forget the wedding cake, we are totally having this banana pudding” (2nd from right).   The only complaints we had here, was that they were hesitant to serve the chopped BBQ “naked”, without any sauce – so allow our guests to dress it how they wanted.  Also, this was the highest price out of any.

Palmetto Pig BBQ – we stopped in here before heading to a baseball game at Carolina Stadium (also known as Founders Park, which I refuse to call it that).  I had called ahead to ask if they did catering, they said they did and that if I came in and told them at the counter that’s what I was here to try it for that purpose – they would give us lunch for free.  The food was good, the mac & cheese was amazing – but I didn’t like the green beans.  The pricing was around what I expected, so that was not a shock to me.  The other thing I did not like was that the menu was not customizable.  For example, we couldn’t take off the hash & rice – it was part of the package.  If I asked them to not bring it, I was still paying for it.   I will eat hash, but I guarantee at least 90% of the people at our wedding will not.  If you don’t know what it is, save yourself and don’t.  I had to explain it to Jake and that was bad enough.
True BBQ – So, we laid off the BBQ for awhile and then I mentioned this place to Jake after I passed it on my way home.  I guess when you pass a place so often, you sort of forget it is there.  However, this day that I passed it they were outside smoking meat on this giant smoker and I could smell it while I was sitting at the stoplight.   It is a hole in the wall kind of place.  As always at hole in the wall type places,  the food was so, so good.  The BBQ didn’t even need sauce, it was so delicious.  The mac & cheese, well – lets just say I tried to get that all to myself and didn’t want to share with Jake.  After talking to the owner, we came up with a menu that suited us for a price that cannot be beat.  They let us customize what we wanted, and didn’t hassle us to get what we don’t need.  We will be getting BBQ, mac & cheese and green beans from them.  We are aware there are a few folks who won’t eat BBQ or are vegetarians, so we will be getting fruit & cheese, along with vegetables and will have a salad “squirreled” away for them (meaning, labeled with names so its not eaten by all the folks who will eat the BBQ).


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