Hardin’s Cook at Home- Terra’s Kitchen

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Hey Y’all! It’s Sarah again…back to review another meal delivery company for you!

Today I am reviewing Terra’s Kitchen! They are a little different than other services because they send to you in a “vessel” which is basically a mini fridge that they come back and pick up on the next business day. Also, everything comes washed, diced, chopped, minced, grated, etc! This makes the meals super quick to prepare. The longest part is waiting for the oven to preheat or boiling water! This makes it great for super busy people who still want to get healthy, delicious meals on the table! It is really neat and definitely worth the experience at least once! I have received 2 vessels from them and they have been wonderful!

Terra’s Kitchen pricing varies per meal. It ranges from $9.99-$17.99. They have 57 meal options and they change monthly! This makes it super easy to find things everyone will enjoy. Also, if you do a family plan it is $9.99-$11.99 per person per meal but they have fewer options for the family options. Also, they have amazing options where you can order snacks, salads, smoothies, juices, just sides, or just meat! My first 3 meals were 1. Honey Soy Salmon with Stir-Fry Veggies 2. Sheet Pan Fish and Chips 3. Italian Chicken Florentine Pasta. My second vessel had 1. BBQ Salmon with Pineapple Relish with Rice and Green Beans. 2. Buffalo Chicken Tacos. 3. Skillet Lemon Garlic Chicken with Rice and Roasted Broccoli. I paid around $30 for my first vessel and I had a small issue with it, the heavy cream for the pasta dish had leaked. I emailed them on a Saturday and they responded so quickly and gave me a credit towards my next vessel. One thing I love is great customer service. It’s really important to me and it makes me want to spend my money with their company. My 2nd vessel I paid $50 for using the credit, that is $8.33 per person per meal and these are the highest quality meals I have ever seen!

These are the 6 meals and they were delicious!

Pros  of Terra’s Kitchen:
1. They give you 57 menu options to choose from and let you see the meals in advance before you order!
2. Everything was super fresh and very tasty.
3. The portions were large and I normally had half of my meal left.
4. The flavors were great and we really enjoyed our food. Everything is very fresh and light yet still super tasty! 
6. The recipes were super easy to follow and everything was timed perfectly!
7. It came to my door and everything was measured, and packaged per meal. I didn’t have to go to the grocery store! (Which always equals me spending more money because I purchase “snacks and junk”.) THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART! Also, everything is already prepped for you! It is chopped, diced, peeled, washed, minced, grated etc. I know it sounds lazy but when you have tons of veggies to peel, chop, dice etc or when you have garlic and ginger to crush, mince, ground it takes time. This cuts out all the prep work!
8. I like that it is customizable.

9. It list all the equipment you need even down to a spatula!

10. They have my favortie recipe cards. They also recommend a beer and win for each meal which is really cool!

11. The mini fridge is super cool and it keeps everything really cold and fresh!

Cons so far:
1. I wish that the recipe cards told you how long the meals lasted in your fridge before you need to cook them. Home Chef does this and I like that!

My praises and critiques of the meals:

  1. Honey Soy Salmon: So fresh, light and just tasted like summer!
  2. Sheet Pan Fish and Chips: The “chips” were baked sweet potato fries. This was an amazing and I really enjoyed it!
  3. Italian Chicken Florentine Pasta: This meal was good wasn’t amazing but still tasty.
  4. BBQ Salmon with Pineapple Relish: This was the best meal I have ever eaten! My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about it. Jonathan ate all of his plus my leftovers (which was a whole other half a plate!) that’s how good it was! I would eat this 3 times a week if I could and I honestly can’t believe it came out of my kitchen!
  5. Buffalo Chicken Tacos: Super tasty and perfect to satisfy that Mexican or buffalo wing craving!
  6. Skillet Lemon Garlic Chicken: We loved this meal too! The broccoli was so crispy and was something I could eat like potato chips.

For Terra’s Kitchen you can choose how often you want to receive vessels! You can also skip weeks as often as you want. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time! You can choose what day of the week you want your box to arrive and they will give you a couple of options based on where you live. The last two times mine has come on a Saturday but that is what worked for our schedule that week!

If you want $40 off your first vessel use this link! 

Also remember to check out my facebook page Hardin’s Cook at Home for additional photos, videos, and giveaways! I have a giveaway ending today for 2 more Hello Fresh boxes!  As always you can send me questions, comments etc on there! I started it for ya’ll so I hope ya’ll enjoy using it.

Happy cooking sweet friends! Tune in next week when I review Blue Apron!


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