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Hey, Y’all! It’s Sarah again back to review another company for you! I hope ya’ll are enjoying my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them! I’ve had a couple of people ask why I decided to go on this journey so I wanted to share that with ya’ll before I review Blue Apron.

Have you ever just been in a dinner rut? Well, we were…BIG TIME! I was buying the same things to cook over and over at the grocery store. We were eating out A LOT because we didn’t want to eat the same meals over and over. We were wasting a lot of food because you buy something for a recipe but don’t use but 1/4 of it. Cooking had become this massive chore and wasn’t fun or enjoyable. More nights than not I was opening up canned veggies, baking some form of meat, and doing boil in the bag rice. We would sit on the couch in front of the TV and watch DVR and just not connecting. Needless to say, dinner was not something we looked forward to. Also, we were spending a ton at the grocery store. You never buy just want you have on your list. More times than not I wasn’t trying to find new meals to cook because I was tired from work, school, and studying and I resented having to go to the store and meal plan. We weren’t eating healthy because we ended up going out a lot and we just needed a reboot or a change. This has been one of the best things we’ve ever done! We now look forward to dinner and I look forward to cooking every night. We spend time together in the kitchen while I cook because things are new and exciting. We sit at the table and discuss our week and critique the meal! I enjoy meal planning and looking through the different companies to see what box we should order each week. It’s fun to come home and look through our box and see what we have! Most weeks I order from 2 different companies so that we get 6 meals. Also, I highly recommend having a couple different companies in your rotation because then you get even more variety! Also, do you want to know how much I’ve spent for the last 36 dinners? $277.50. That is $7.70 per meal or $3.85 per person! Tell me another way to feed people healthy, quick, delicious, restaurant quality meals at that price and I will sign up tomorrow! Ok, that’s enough rambling for one post! Now on to the review!

I hate to give a not so glowing review but I pride myself on being completely honest when it comes to this process. I have to let y’all know the good, the bad, and the ugly! Of course, it isn’t all negative but I will be 100% upfront about my feelings. Blue Apron cost $9.99 per person per meal if you do the 2 person box and it cost $8.99 per person per meal if you do the 4 person box.  They have 6 meal options each week so you choose 1/2 of those to come in your box. This was one thing I didn’t like. Currently, during pregnancy, I haven’t been able to eat any pork (it makes the baby very upset!) so that eliminated 1 meal instantly for us. Also, Jonathan and I are both allergic to shrimp. They always have 1 seafood meal and 1/2 of the time it is shellfish so then that leaves me with 4 options when I have to pick 3. They always have 1-2 vegetarian meal and as I’ve stated before we are meat people. My husband doesn’t like it at all when he doesn’t get meat for dinner. So that left me with very little choice sometimes not having a choice at all. My first 3 meals were 1. Nashville Style Hot Catfish with Pecan Apple Slaw 2. Tandoori-Style Chicken with Rice and Squash 3. Stir-Fried Wonton Noodles with Bok Choy and Radishes. I paid around $29.94 for my first box and that was with a discount coupon. I canceled my account after our first box just because we didn’t really enjoy it and there are too many other amazing options for the same price or less! They made it kind of difficult to cancel as you can’t do it through their website. You have to email customer service then they provide you a link after that they try to get you to stay multiple times and make you fill out surveys about why you are canceling. I voiced my opinions and concerns on the surveys and thought I’d hear from customer service since we were dissatisfied but they never wrote me.

Praise/Critique of the Meals

  1. Nashville-Style Hot Catfish with Apple, Pecan Slaw: I had high hopes for this meal. It seemed like something we would both really like and I was excited for something spicy mixed with the crunch and sweetness of the slaw! But I was let down. The fish had no spice and no flavor and it ended up being really oily. The slaw was ok but had too much mayo and needed more seasoning/flavor.
  2. Tandoori-Style Chicken with Rice and Squash: The chicken was really good! We both enjoyed it. They did too much with the rice having you add in mint, tzatziki sauce, and the squash. We ate all of the chicken though!
  3. Wonton Stir Fry: Even though this was meatless I thought we would enjoy it because I love any type of Asian noodle and we both love Asian seasoning. Y’all it was so bad! We threw it away and went to Rush’s. It made our whole house smell like the dish too.

For Blue Apron you can choose how often you want to receive boxes! You can also skip weeks as often as you want. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time, except you have to go through the process I stated above. You can choose what day of the week you want your box to arrive and they will give you a couple of options based on where you live. Mine came on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Don’t forget to check out and like Hardin’s Cook at Home on Facebook for all my photos and videos! Also, I have giveaways there often! So far I’ve given away 7 free boxes to Hello Fresh and 5 free boxes from Graze.   You don’t want to miss out on this!

I don’t have a discount for you to try Blue Apron just because I can’t promote a product I don’t believe in and isn’t something I would spend my family’s hard earned money on but if you want to try it for a discount you can find coupon codes online!

I am going to put the coupon codes I have for the other companies below in case you want to do what I’ve done and spend less than $300 on 37 dinners for your family!

Home Chef: https://www.homechef.com/  This takes $30 off your box and makes it $28/$29 for your first delivery! That’s $4.83 per person per meal!

Hello Fresh: http://www.hellofresh.com  This takes $40 off your box and makes it $19 for your first delivery! That’s $3.16 per person per meal!

Terra’s Kitchen: https://www.terraskitchen.com  This takes $40 off your vessel! The meals are all different prices so it will depend on what you choose how much your first delivery will be!

If you have any questions about this crazy cooking adventure please let me know! I’m happy to help others through what I’ve learned! Happy cooking my friends!

See you back next Friday for my review of Plated!


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