we did it!

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Jake and I have a list of goals, quickly typed out on my phone one Sunday last year.  Chances are when I typed it, we were on the way home from church.  The list was our goals for 2017.  The things, whether they seemed silly or not – that we wanted to accomplish this year.  The big ones were our wedding (happening in July) and to be in one house.  Other things included me hitting a new rank with Young Living, and another of getting me a newer vehicle.  

I can finally say – we DID IT!  We are in 1 house and it is great.  I get to wake up everyday next to my best friend, with my kids down the hall and our cat being her spazzy self.  We are still surrounded by boxes and boxes (and more bubble wrap than I care to ever see again).  But we are together, under 1 roof – Jake, me, the kiddos and the cat.  

We have a lot of work to get done still – there is stuff that needs done with the house, and there is stuff that needs unpacked. The dishwasher doesn’t work and the front door lock is broken – and we are still waiting for the chimney sweep to come clean the chimney.  We are trying to do a few boxes a night as we can.  The one side of the garage is filled with boxes, furniture and lawn stuff.  At one point Jake looked at me and said “I didn’t realize how much you had in that little house”.  I just laughed and said “crap in every corner!”. 

We are getting there, one day at a time – but for now – we did it!


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