life lately.

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Life lately has been insanely overwhelming, amazingly blessed and just overall a little crazy.   We are selling Jake’s house, my landlord put my house on the market, we have baseball almost every night with Jonathan (and Saturdays) and we are in the midst of buying our forever home together.  To say that we are tired is an understatement.  Our date nights have turned into baseball practice together and then dinner at home – whatever can be microwaved easily usually, or take out.   Even dinners with the kids are rushed, or piecemeal.  Katie will feed Natalee while Jonathan and I are at practice, and J and I eat when we get home.  We do a lot of running around – however, I love watching Jonathan play ball, and I love watching Jake coach.  It has been a good season so far (despite not winning a single game at all!).

We are moving in less than 2 weeks and I have had several panic moments over the last week.  We get the keys this weekend to go in and clean.  The house has been vacant for almost 6 months, so there is a nice layer of dust on everything – plus, I’m just one of those people who want things cleaned my way with my stuff (aka:  Thieves all the things!).  We can start moving things in on May 1st and my parents are coming down on the 4th to help us and bring us some furniture from my brother.  The photo of the house is from awhile ago, the trees & bushes have definitely grown in a lot.  We hope to be able to paint the front door a navy color, and also repaint the shutters the same navy color.   We are excited for the possibilities this new house brings for us.

Wedding planning – somewhat halted during all this move craziness.  At least now though we have an address to put on the RSVP cards!   Will be back with more updates soon, and lots of pics of our new “together home”.




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