Wedding Update – The Invites!

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I had such a hard time with the invitations!   Everything I found was just ridiculously expensive.  All I could think was “this is money we could put towards something else!” (like the food!!).  Enter   VistaPrint has been around forever it seems like, I remember ordering from them back when we lived in Beaufort (2002-2005).  

Another great benefit to vistaprint is they offer coupons all the time.   After some back and forth on designs in my own head, I came up with something I felt was suitable given the color scheme we have gone with, and the “theme” to our wedding (not really a theme, just a design element we like).    We ordered them last week and they should be here today actually!  I am excited to get those in the mail for folks in May.  I won’t show you the front, because it has some more personal information on it I’d prefer not to put out there!  But lets just say, its in one of our “signature colors” and of course – will have a nautical touch!

All the invitations and enclosure cards ended up costing about $130 (before tax & shipping).  That’s 150 invites, and 150 enclosure cards with envelopes.  So that breaks down to about .43 per invitation (before stamps).  Most companies charge .97 and up for invites, and you only get the .97 price if you are ordering 300 or more.   It is one of those things that yeah, you can go all out and fancy  – but at the end of the day, that invite is going to end up in a trashcan somewhere.  That being said, I am still excited with the way they look!

But, while you wait for those to hit your mailbox – you can visit our wedding website:



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