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It has been so hard to blog lately.  I normally try to get a post written while on my lunch break, but with having to leave early so many days because of Jonathan’s games/practices – I’m typically working through lunch.   

Jonathan started baseball in late February, and each week has been filled with practices & games.  I cannot even tell you the last time I cooked on my actual stove – which is crazy, because I cook a lot.  We switched weekends with their dad too, so we got a little screwy with dates.  It will all work out, and I know on Sunday I will be able to cook again!  

Jake’s house is still for sale.  We have had several showings and people interested, but no offers yet.  It is frustrating to see other homes sell so quickly (my brothers sold last weekend in 3 days).  But we have to keep reminding ourselves that everything is in God’s time.  A friend suggested we “bury the saint” in the front yard, so we did that the other night will shivering our behinds off.  We buried Saint Joseph and said a prayer and we’ll see.   

We have a contingency contract on a beautiful home that we fell in love with.  With the contingency, we HAVE to sell Jake’s house before we can do anything.  We cannot carry 2 mortgages, so…we wait.  All the loan approvals, inspections, etc have all come through and have been done.  We just wait.  It has been hard and I haven’t mentioned it much on facebook.  It is a stressor for sure on both of us, I think Jake handles it better than I do.  Just know that as soon as we sign the closing papers, I will share tons of photos and everything.  We just love this house so much, and want it so bad!

Wedding planning is going well – I picked out what our flowers are going to be and need to get them ordered in April.   I was able to pick up my dress last weekend, and its safely tucked away in its garment bag in Jake’s closet.  He has strict orders not to peek, but he has repeatedly said he does not want to see the dress until I walk down the aisle in it.  I hope he isn’t disappointed!

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